WORLD HISTORY:  World War I Project Specifications  


During this unit on World War I you are required to complete and present one research project.  All projects can be completed individually or with a partner.  Make your selections of topic, project type, and partner carefully because these endeavors are worth a whopping 500 points.  A scoring guide will be provided for each type of project.  Help will be available during class before and after school and at select open libraries.


*** Any plagiarism will earn the project a zero!


All projects must have the following turned in the due date:


          - A printout of all presentation materials (web pages, PowerPoints, scripts, rules, etc.)

          - The scoring guide for the project type.

          - A five to ten minute presentation of your project.

          - A works cited page completed in MLA format. (You can go to and

            it will help you with this process.)

          - Typed three to five multiple choice test questions over the major points of your


          - A personal reaction page telling how you were affected by the topic and project

             type you chose.



PROJECT OPTIONS:  Projects are listed in order of degree of difficulty.


Webpage or Website:  Must have original information… no copy cut and paste.  This may not be just a links page either.  These will be evaluated on design, content, technical elements, and credibility.  Pages may be created using Microsoft FrontPage, or Netscape Composer. 


PowerPoint:  Must contain have at least 10 slides which incorporate text, graphics, animations, sound effects, and transitions.


Game:  Create a board, card, or online game.  Game must have a list of rules, instruction for play and scoring criteria.  Online games can be easily created at


Video:  Must be at least 7 minutes in length, have costumes, and portray a historical scene.


Historic Personality Presentation:  Present yourself as a figure from history.  Your presentation must include basic information and costume.  Time limit: 5-10 minutes.


“You Were There” Essay:  Written in first person tell the story of any aspect of World War I. This is a chance to make history come alive.  Essay must be typed, double spaced and four or more pages in length.


Painting/Drawing/Poster:  Display your artistic talent and create something of your own.  Preferably 22X28 (poster board size), but can be larger or smaller.  Must be original artwork, have use color.  ** Poster can get no grade higher than a “C” on this project.



DUE DATE _____________________________________________________