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 The Art of Warfare :  Overview of the tactics and weaponry of medieval warfare  concentrates on the developments in the sixteenth century.

 Medieval Warfare :  A Comprehensive Overview Of Medieval Warfare. Well worth a visit!

 Anglo-Saxon Warfare :  Extensive, well-written and well-documented article on warfare  in Anglo-Saxon England at the Anglecynn site.

 The Military Encampment in the Early Middle Ages Article by Roger Barry explores how encampments were built and maintained, and who did what, in Dark Age Britain.  From the Vikings' living history site.

 De re militari Association Resources : A most comprehensive site.


Arms and Armor - one page with loads
          of links to other sites dealing with the
          subject .

 Tour The Castle Armory :  Weapons And Armor Of The Medieval Ages

 Medieval Weapons of Foot Soldiers

 Arms and Armour :  Personal weapons.

Medieval Sword :  A noncommercial resource site  established in order to provide information of interest to students and collectors.  A MUST SEE SITE.

 Forging a Norman Sword

Medieval Sword Virtual Museum little information on Viking, Germanic,
          Norman and Late Weapons....site is
          under construction.

Therion's Arms & Armor Resources of the Web


 The Arador Armour Library  :  Gives information and links to other pages on armor.

 Montanaro's Medieval Period (Armour)

 Angelcynn - Anglo-Saxon Weapons and Armour :  If you want to know about arms and armor in medieval England you have come to the right place.

Siege Tactics:

 Medieval Siege Warfare :  Nicely-done site offering an overview of siege warfare,
                              information on castles, weaponry, and tactics, and animated

 Battering Rams :  In any siege, there would be a battering ram used at some point.

 Siege TacticsA MUST SEE SITE.

 Bombards :  The fore-runner of the cannon.


Medieval Weapons of Foot Soldiers


 Medieval Archery  - a developing site
          currently having only information on the

 Ten Basic steps in Archery

 Archery FAQ's and  Archery articles

 Medieval English Longbow - read
          about the "Medieval Machine Gun" and the part it played in warfare on his very
          informative two page site from The
          University Archery Club in the
          Netherlands and finish the info on this
          two paged site  Decline of the Longbow .

 Some Speculation on the Nature of Longbowstrings and  Further Speculation on the Nature of Longbowstrings

 The English Longbow - (on 'TheBeckoning') :  This page is loaded with information on the longbow.


The Catapult Museum Online

 Medieval Catapults :  The origins of medieval catapults.

  Catapults :  Super information written very clearly.

 Medieval Catapults


 Helga Holm - 1285-1345, medieval long ship

 History and Archaeology of the Ship - Lecture Notes

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