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General Information:

  Welcome to LadyJen's Viking Age ,  :  Good general information.  Linked from Regia Anglorum - an excellent site.  This is a good place to start.

 The World of the Vikings; the definitive guide to viking resources on the internet :  This site contains information on all aspects of Viking life.

 The Vikings :  Extensive site that covers famous Vikings, exploration, the Viking Age, Viking life, the Vikings in North America, and Viking ships. THIS IS A MUST SEE SITE.

 Viking Warriors :  The history of the Norsemen.

 The Viking Network :  a great place to find information.

 !Vikings! :  Has some good information.

 General Viking information

 Viking Heritage

National Library of Canada :  Great article of the Vikings forraies into North America entitled, "They got here first, but why didn't they stay?"

Military Affairs:

 Military Organization   :  General information.

Viking Warfare

 Arms and Armour of the Anglo-Saxon and Viking Age -Spear

 The Norwegian Viking Sword :  Portions of Jan Petersen's 1919 book, translated into English by Kristin Noer, explore several different sword types with  footnotes and illustrations. From the Medieval Sword Resource Site.

 The Vikings: Combat  This article from the Vikings living history site includes information on the equipment, fighting style, and battlefield
tactics employed by the Vikings in the Dark Ages.

 The Viking Expeditions from Central Sweden (700-1000)

 The Battle of Stamford Bridge :  Clear and concise introduction to the last Viking battle on
                              English soil, from Past Forward; written for the Viking Network.


 Hlidskjalf; Old-Norse Mythology Page :  Just about everything is covered here.

 The Norse Mythology Web Page

 Norse mythology


 Sagas, Eddas & runes

 The Elder Edda - The Prose Edda - The Norse Sagas

 Poetic Edda

 The Heroic Lays of the Poetic Edda

 Kormak's saga

 Grettir's saga

 Njal's saga


 Viking Ships

 The Viking Navy

 The Viking Longship

 Viking Voyage 1000 - Index :  Also has a Schokwave  game (ShockWave)

 The Gothenburg Viking Ship Society

 The Leif Ericson Viking Ship

 Viking Boat Builder

 Viking Voyager 1000 :  Follow the expedition of the Snorri on its travel around the world.

 Nordic Explorers: Norse Expansion into North America.

 Roskilde Viking ship museum


 Viking Culture and Norse Civilization

 Viking Footwear!

 The World of the Vikings

 Status in the VIKING WORLD

 Social Organization  :  General information.

Viking Women Some very basic information on the everyday life of Viking Women, from the Viking Network.