A Fate Worse Than Death!

 Torture :  A basic introduction to torture.

 Medieval Punishment/Torture :  Created by Torrey Woodcock, 1999.

 History of the Tyburn Tree  :  Infamous place of public execution of the Middle Ages.

 Encyclopedia of Torments

 Curious Punishments of Bygone Days  :  Lots of gross pictures of torture devices.

 Tortures & Torments of the Christian Martyrs:  A  done in the name of religion.

 Punishment, Torture, and Ordeal :  This is like an encyclopedia of torture and punishment devices and methods.

 A Heretic's Final Journey :  Very thorough page, but also VERY GRAPHIC.  Don't go here if you have a weak stomach!

 Tower of London Virtual Tour :  Exactly what it says.  Visit the most famous of all places of punishment.

 55 Hours to Live -- It's A Slow Death :  A look at the torture of the Spanish Inquisition, written from an anti-Christian viewpoint.

 Stocks and Pillories :  An examination of stocks and pillories.  A well done site.