The equipment of a barber surgeon.

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NetSERF: Medieval Science and Technology :  A great page which containsa multitude of great links to information.

Medieval Science:  This is a plethora of information on:  Alchemy, animals, astrolabe, astronomy, botnay, calendars, cartography (map-making), mathematics, medicine, physics, time and more.

 Chemistry in the Middle Ages

 Alchemy :  Introduction and overview of the medieval pseudoscience includes links to brief biographies.

 The Alchemy Virtual Library :  Extensive and excellent resource for the study of the history of alchemy.

 The WWWVL for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine :  The general history of science.

 The Aurora of 1192: Its Causes and Effects Fascinating work by Lynn H. Nelson explores the geophysical causes of the unusually intense Aurora and how the people of medieval times reacted to the phenomenon.  GREAT ARTICLE WHICH GIVES EXCELLENT INSIGHTS INTO THE MEDIEVAL PSYCHE!


Medieval Technology Pages - Subject Index :  Created by Paul Gans of New York University, this pages covers EVERYTHING you might want to know about techological advances in the Middle Ages.

The Astrolabe :  Nice site focusing on this significant instrument includes pages on the history of the astrolabe and parts of the astrolabe.

 A Treatise on the Astrolabe by Geoffrey Chaucer  The oldest known "technical manual" in the English language,  compiled by Chaucer c. 1391. The work is unfinished but what remains is remarkable.

Printing Press :  Long but interesting page.

 Medieval Iron and Steel -- Simplified :  Enlightening and easily-absorbed article by Bert Hall explains the different ways of working with iron and steel and the methods used in medieval Europe and Asia. From the Online Resource Book for Medieval Studies.

 A Revolution in Timekeeping  This segment of A Walk through Time follows the development
                              of mechanical clocks in Europe from the early 14th century


 History of Medieval Medicine  - 21 links on
     the Internet dealing with Medieval Medicine.

 A History of Western Medicine and Surgery :  nice section on Early through Late Middle Ages....just scroll down.

 Health and Medicine :  nice site from the
     Mining Co. Many fine links to follow.

 *Medicine in Ancient and Medieval Times

 Medical History on the Internet: :  A great site to find information on the treatments for specific diseases throughout history, and more of everything.

 The Middle Ages -- HealthMore About Health and
 Try your hand at Medieval Medicine :  Fantastic information and some fun too.

 Medicine and Biology :  An exhibit on medieval medicine from the Vatican Library.

 National Library of Medicine - Images from the history of Medicine Search on the term
  medieval and find an array
  of information and images.

  Medieval and Early Renaissance Medicine 2 pages - brief overview plus these sites -   The Bubonic Plague , Leprosy  and a.  Summary of Medieval Medicine

 Poisons and Antidotes in the Middle Ages

 Chemistry in the Middle Ages

Women in Healing and the Medical Profession :  Dr. Ian Carr provides a general overview of women in the history of medicine.

 Salerno:  Introduction and   History of the School of Salernum :  Information on the first Italian medical school.

 Trotula of Salerno :  Famed eleventh-century woman physician who worked to help
                              alleviate the suffering of women and wrote many medical books.

 The Barber Surgeon :  A look at some of the ship's surgeon's equipment recovered
                              from the Mary Rose.

 16th Century Barber-Surgeons :  More information on the role of the Barber-Surgeon.

  William Clowes :  Information on the surgeon to Queen Elizabeth I.  He was a very interesting character.