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Suicide Information Teen Suicide Need Help Right Now?

Basic Information:

 The Training Institute for Suicide Assessment and Clinical Interviewing (TISA) :  Good site. Actually written for mental health professionals and
substance abuse counselors, this site will allow you to take look at the
real world of training for mental health professionals.

 San Francisco Suicide Prevention Website :  Fantastic site loaded with information.

 Thinking about Suicide,Right,Self-Help,Prevention,Explanations :  Incredible page with tons of information and links to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Suicide

 American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

 Suicide and Suicide Prevention

 Suicide Prevention Help :  a personal account aimed at those who are
          comtemplating suicide.

 The Real World (Suicide)

 Facts for Families

 Handling a call from a suicidal person :
             A ten point list.

 What can I do to help someone who may be suicidal? :  Helpful guide of warning signs.

 SA\VE - Suicide Awareness \ Voices of Education - Home Page

 Suicide - Frequently Asked Questions

 Coping with Suicide and Depression

 Suicide Survivors Home Page

Teen Suicide: 

 What to do When a Friend is Depressed :  written for teenagers for preventing suicide.

 Teen Suicide :  From the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

 Stressed-out teen with suicidal thoughts

 Suicide by Teens

 National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy Communications Project

 Youth Suicide Prevention Information

 Youth Suicide Prevention Programs: A Resource Guide

 Youth Suicide Prevention :  from the Scout Association of Australia.

Need Help Right Now?:


 Statewide 24-Hour Crisis Hotline For Missouri only


 Online depression resources for suicidal persons

 45 Reasons To Say No To Suicide by Jillayne Arena

 Feeling suicidal ... Help! [Classic Alice!]

 Chris's Suicide Help Page :  Are you
 thinking about suicide?  Are you worried
     about a family member ot friend
   commiting suicide?  Lots of links and
       information here to help you.