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 Tutorials in Sensation and Perception :  designed to be a tutorial in some of the fundamental concepts in sensory processes appropriate to classes in Sensation and Perception, Neuropsychology, and Introduction to Psychology.

 Illusion Gallery : A nice collection of
      illusions, some even animated.

 Internet Psychology Lab :  This place is well worth a visit.

 Online Exhibits @ the ExploratoriumA MUST SEE SITE!  Lots of interactive activities on perception.  This is one of the coolest sites I have ever played with.  You will love it!  Note:  Some activities require Shockwave.  Check here for cross reference: Exploratorium Exhibit Cross Reference - Phenomena Index

 Exploratorium Exhibits : Great site with
           all kinds of illusions.

 The Illusion Works Home page :  Visit the
 Hall of Illusions and see things that really aren't there. : This award-winning collection consists of innumerable
                               interactive demonstrations, up-to-date and reliable scientific explanations, school projects, illusion artwork, interactive puzzles, 3D graphics, suggested reading lists,
                               bibliographies, perception links, and much more. There is literally hours and hours of fun and cool material here!
One of the best collections of optical illusions on the Web.

 Welcome to :  One of the newest illusion sites.  An Interactive Guide to Optical Illusions on the Internet. Explore live hands-on demonstrations, artwork, animation, stories, projects and lots of games and puzzles.

 Magic Eye : Magic eye 3-D, Brain
   Teasers, Self-Help Eyesight Tests and more.

 Color Perception

 UC Irvine Department of Cognitive Sciences:  Color in Visual Search

Object Recognition Experiment

 Sensation and Perception :  Site contains an extensive collection of auditory samples to demonstrate things like auditory science analysis, pitch perception, and Shepard scales.

 Demonstrations in Auditory Perception :
   A multimedia presentation of selected topics in
 Auditory Perception.  Interesting and fun demonstrations from
 Psychoacoustics illustrate some principles about the
way we understand the sound world around us, and
 the way in which music makes use of these principles.

 Subliminal Perception  : Essay from the
        University of Washington.

 Johns Hopkins University Center for Hearing and Balance :  Great site with
      links to numerous other pages.