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Adler Freud Kinsey Lorenz Pavlov Skinner
Erikson James Kohlberg Maslow Piaget Watson
Eysenck Jung Loftus McClelland Rogers Wundt

Alfred Adler:

 Alfred Adler

 Alfred Adler :  An excellent biography.

 Alfred Adler Institute of San Francisco

 A Brief History of Adlerian Psychology

 Adler's Theory of Personality

 Adlerian Therapy

 Alfred Adler - Behavior Online Conversations: Henry Stein

Erik Erickson: 

 Erik Erikson's 8 Stages of Psychosocial Development

 Erikson's First 4 Stages - Applied and Made Easy for Parents

 Erik Erikson

 Erik Erikson: The Ethical Orientation, Conscience and the Golden Rule

 Erik Erikson: 1902-1994:



Hans J. Eysenck :  Very thorough biography and obituary.

 Eysenck Biographical Information

 Eysenck's Theory of Personality

Sigmund Freud: 

 The Freud Web :  Exceptional site.

 FreudNet: The A.A. Brill Library

 Freud Biography

 Freud's Approach to Personality

 Freud:  The Father of Psychoanalysis

 Sigmund Freud

 Freud OV

William James:

 William James (1842-1910)

 William James Site

 A View of William James

William James :  Extremely detailed site.

William James :  Interesting site.

Carl Jung: 

 The Jung Index :   One of the
                 premier Jung sites on the web.
                    A  detailed Introduction to Jung's
                  theory, a glossary of Jungian
                 terms, a newsletter, and other
                features make Matthew Clapp's
                   Jung Index one of the best
                  psychology sites on the web.

 Carl Jung

 C. G. Jung, Analytical Psychology, and Culture

 Carl Jung - Behavior Online Conversations: Aryeh Maidenbaum

Alfred Kinsey:

 Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction

Lawrence Kohlberg:

 Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development

Pros_&_Cons_arguements for_Kohlberg

 KOHLBERG'S Moral Reasoning

Elizabeth Loftus:

 Elizabeth Loftus

 Elizabeth F. Loftus: University of Washington :  Great site that includes many articles on Dr. Loftus' work.

 The diva of disclosure, memory researcher Elizabeth Loftus :  as printed in Psychology Today by Jill Neimark.

Konrad Lorenz:

 Autobiography of Konrad Lorenz

Abraham Maslow:

 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory

 The Maslow Reading Room

David McClelland:

 David McClelland :  Have to scroll down a bit to get to his information.

Ivan Pavlov: 


 Ivan Petrovich Pavlov - Winner of the 1904 Nobel Prize in Medicine

Jean Piaget:

 Jean Piaget Biography



Carl Rogers:

 Carl Rogers

 Carl Rogers: Where No Psychologist Went Before

 Carl R. Rogers :  An extensive site loaded
             with information.

B. F. Skinner: 

 B.F. Skinner

 A Place for Behaviorism

John Watson:

 John Broadus Watson

 Psychology as the behaviorist views it

Wilhelm Wundt:

Wundt - Psychology, U-Regensburg, Germany

Wilhelm Wundt and Structuralism

 The Lifschitz Psychology Museum :  Brief article on Wundt.

 Psychology :  Some information on Wundt and Titchener.