The Black Plague

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General Information:

 HWC, The Black Death  :  The BEST source on the Plague (23 pages) by Dr. E. L. Skip Knox of Boise State University.  If you need to know about it, Dr. Knox wrote about it.

 A Look at History - The Plague :  A doctor explores the causes, treatment, and control of pestilential outbreak.  Describes both the bubonic and pneumonic plague.

 The Great Mortality :  A complete three-part feature about the Black Death.

 Discovery Online -- Black Death :  Awesome site with game.

 The Black Plague :  City College of New York.  Features a slide show of Medieval images, and details the devastation of the black plague. Also offers an eyewitness account from 1357.

 Death Defined - Medieval History :  From  Great sources.

 The Pestilence Tyme : Describes the movement of the black plague over Medieval Europe, and offers a series ofessays and etchings depicting its toll.

 The Plague :  Describes the origination and devastation of the black plague, and offers painting depicting its grimcampaign.

 Plague Literature :  Describes how plague galvanized the European population toward general learning, and how the printing press widened the audience for literature.

 Plague in Europe

 Black Death :  Great site with lots of useful material.

Bubonic Plague :  An extremely informative page, which covers all aspects of the Plague.  This page is student created by Ely Janis.

PLAGUE AND PUBLIC HEALTH IN RENAISSANCE EUROPE :  A thorough introduction to the plague.

 Bubonic Plague: Medical Background :  A student-created page which gives the basics of the plague by Jamie Brownlee.

 Map: Plague in Europe

 The Black Death: Bubonic Plague , accounts Black Death 1 and  Black Death 2 :  A student generated web site about the plague by Aaron Rice at Timpview High School.

 The Black Plague :  Created by a Texas high school student.

 End of Europe's Middle Ages - Black Death

Consequence of the Black Plague

 Scientific and medicalsocial , and  religious  responses to the Plague.

 The Plague :  By Liam Miller and Evan Orr.

 The Black Death

 The Church and the Bubonic Plague :  A slightly different look at the Plague.

 Black Death -  How ManyDeaths

Primary Sources:

 The Florentine Chronicle :  A first-hand look at the plague's devastation in Florence, Italy in 1348.

 Boccaccio: The Decameron :  Excerpt of the DECAMERON, discussin the onset of the Black Death.

 The Plague :  Read first-hand accounts of what life was like during the plague, find out about its causes, or  learn about how it first came to Europe.

 The Black Plague :  A primary account by Michael Platiensis.

 Pistoia, "Ordinance for Sanitation in a Time of Mortality " :  A primary source of how the town of Pistoia dealt with the plague.