Remember:  No one personality survey (especially one found on the Internet) will be able to define your unique personality exactly.  In other words,  don't take these results to heart!

Theories of Personality :  Start by exploring the various psychological theories on personality.

Exhibits Collection -- Personality :  A cool page dedicated to personality.  Excellent in-depth coverage.

The Four PreferencesKeirsey's Temperaments and an   Overview of the Myers-Briggs Personality Types :  You can use these before or after you take these tests below.

Why are "Pseudo" Personality Tests So Popular? :  Tells you why we all love to take these tests.

Common Careers for Personality Types :  For use with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.



  Keirsey Temperament Sorter II :  A True personality test.  Gives instant results.

 Keirsey Character Sorter :  Another great test.  Results are explained in detail.

 The Riso-Hudson Type Indicator (Version 2.0)  :  A good (but long) type indicator.  For explanations see the Enneagram Introduction

 The Personality Questionnaire :  Very similar to the Keirsey test.

 International Personality Item Pool :  EXTREMELY in-depth 300 questions, but worth the effort.  THIS IS A "REAL" PERSONALITY TEST.

 The quickest personality test around. :
 Ms. Weid's favorite test on the web.  THIS

Kingdomality. :  Personality types from a medieval viewpoint.  (Okay, I know not everyone likes the Middle Ages, but I do)  These 8 questions will take about 15 minutes.

 Personality Test 1:  Looks like a good test.

 What's in YOUR Name? - demonstration analysis :  Want to know what your name means?  Click here.

 Integrated Psychological (Personality) Type Indicator :  A good site.

 The Platinum Rule - Your Behavioral Profile

 Ansir Personality Profile: Personal Information - revision 3.1 :  This one has a lot of questions, but will give accurate results via E-MAIL.   YOU MUST HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS TO DO THIS ONE.

  Extraversion/Introversion Inventory :  Pretty good test that gives you a little insight into your personality.  Gives instant results.

 Personality Test :  Check out your strengths and weaknesses.  You must have an email address to do this one.

 VALS - Values, Attitudes and Life Styles. :   Find out to which of the eight lifestyle
    groups you belong.  This test is used
    widely in marketing.  42 questions.

 Number quest: Numerological personality

 Psychological Personality Test

 Power test. :  Do you love power?

 The May Korner Personality test. :  Your relation to life's most important events.

 Are you a social animal? :  Social anxiety test.  25 questions.

 Why do you succeed or fail? :  A locust of control and attributional test.  42 questions.

 Are you assertive?

         Assertiveness Inventory

 Serious IQ test ( Mensa / European, up to 174)

REAL IQ test 13mins, results e-mailed to you.

Optimism/Pessimism Inventory :  What's your outlook on life?

 Best places to live in America :  Take this test to determine where the best place for you to live in America is.

 Type A Personality Test :  Let's see if you are headed for a heart attack.

 Self Discovery Workshop--IQ Test :  Hey, it's not really accurate, but it's fun.

 Self-esteem test. :  Do you believe in yourself?  The 29 questions take about 15 minutes.

 Coping with stress inventory. :  How well do you handle stress?  This has 45 questions that should take about 20 minutes.

 Are you right- or left brained? :  Which brain hemisphere dominates your thinking?  Got 15 minutes to do these 19 questions?

 Brain Candy! - Merediland :  Another Right - Left Brained test.  Gives instant results.

 Spending Personality Self-Test :  How you shop often depends on what kind of personality you have.

 Life Insurance Longevity Test

 Jealousy Test by Cyberia Shrink