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Charlemagne William, Duke of  Normandy King Arthur
William wallace Eleanor of Aquitaine Henry IV
Clovis Richard I John
Pepin the Short Otto the Great Frederick Barbarossa
Louis IX Joan of Arc Pope Urban II
Peter the Hermit Philip II (Augustus) Godfrey of Bouillon
Charles VII Pope Gregory VII Raymond of Toulouse
St. Bernard of Clairvaux St. Francis of Assisi Saladin
Thomas a Beckett Dante Geoffrey Chaucer
Richard III Robin Hood St. Thomas Aquinas
Edward I
Leif Ericson


Charlemagne: King of the Franks :  The most complete page on Charles the Great on the web.  Contains links to lots of other sites.

 HWC, Charlemagne :  A site packed with information of Charlemagne written by Dr. Knox from Bosie State University.  It doesn't get much more thorough than Dr. Knox.

 Promotion of Learning  :  From the Medieval Sourcebook, a letter which shows Charlemagne's desire to improve education.  PRIMARY SOURCE

 Charlemagne | Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire | King of the Franks

 The Historical Charlemagne :  More info on the life of Charlemagne.  Very useful site.

 Charlemagne and Hildegarde   :  Biographies on he and his wife.

 The Song of Roland :  No site on Charlemagne is complete without THE SONG OF ROLAND.

 Alcuin:  Charlemagne's  most noted scholar.

King Arthur:

 Origins of the Arthurian Legend :  An in-depth exploration of the "historical Arthur" by Geoffrey Ashe and an analysis of the foundations upon which the Arthurian legend was built (1995)

 King Arthur: History and Legend***   GREAT SITE with lots and lots of information and links to more sites.

 King Arthur History and Legend :  At this site plan to stay awhile.

 Camelot Project - University of Rochester
     project as a center for Arthurian Studies.
     Contains texts, legends, images and information
     about King Arthur.

 The Historical King Arthur and  The Historical Arthur

 An Archeological Quest for the 'real' King Arthur

 Cadbury Castle: King Arthur's Camelot? This excerpt from "The Traveller's Guide to Arthurian Britain" by
                              Geoffrey Ashe examines physical evidence concerning the
                              theory that this fortified hill was once Camelot.

 Thomas a Beckett:

 Thomas a Becket

 The Murder of Thomas Becket 1170  - from an eyewitness... a play by play account of the event as if you were there.

Sir Thomas Becket - Cover Page: August/September 1998 British Heritage

 Henry II and Thomas a Becket

 Kent Resources: Canterbury Cathedral - Thomas à Becket: Story & Images

 Medieval Sourcebook: Edward Grim: The Murder of Thomas Becket

 Thomas Becket: Archbishop of Canterbury, martyred 29 December 1170

 The Story Behind St. Thomas à Becket

William, Duke of Normandy:

 William I "The Conqueror"

 Camelot International - British Rulers

 English Royal History -- The Private Life of William the Conqueror :  Very detailed information.

 The Norman Conquest : A cool site.

 William The Conqueror

 Claim on the ThroneWilliam's Landing in England , William Takes The Throne

 History House: William the Conqueror:

 Laws of William the Conqueror: PRIMARY SOURCE

 Medieval Sourcebook: Flores Historiarum: On William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, c. 1307 : PRIMARY SOURCE

 William I :  Encarta Encyclopedia.

 William the Conqueror : A humerous bit
       of information on his death.

 The Companions of William the Conqueror   :  Lecture
   given in 1944 by Geoffrey White, the
authority on who really came with William
          the Conqueror in 1066.

The Secrets of the Norman Invasion

 William's Invasion 'Armada' of Ships

 The Invasion and Battle

 The Battle of Hastings

 William I - HWC, William the Conqueror

Henry II:

 Henry II

 Henry II :  Excellent information from Dr. Skip Knox.

 Catholic Encyclopedia: HENRY II

Henry II

 Royal Line of Edwards (0775-1996) :  Henry II

Dante Alighieri:


 ILTweb Digital Dante  :  You name it, and it's here.

 Chronology of Dante Alighieri

 A Study Guide to the Inferno

 Through the Dark Wood: A Guide to Dante's Comedy

Geoffrey Chaucer:

 Geoffrey Chaucer (1342-1400) - "The Canterbury Tales"

 Geoffrey Chaucer (ca.1343-1400) :  A good site that covers not only his life, but also his works.

 Chaucer MetaPage :  Lots of information here.

 The Geoffrey Chaucer Website Homepage and   The complete Canterbury Tales

 Barron's Book Notes to The Canterbury Tales

 Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales room:  museum website

 The Life of Chaucer :  Very brief.

 The Life of Geoffrey Chaucer :  by Students
     of University of Texas

 Geoffrey Chaucer

 Life of Chaucer

 Chaucer's World

 The Writings of Geoffrey Chaucer

Eleanor of Aquitaine:

 Eleanor of Aquitaine - Female Heroes

 Eleanor of Aquitaine - Joan's Royal Favorites :  Good site.

 Eleanor of Aquitaine (Part 1)Eleanor of Aquitaine (Part 2)Eleanor of Aquitaine (Part 3)Eleanor of Aquitaine (Part 4)Eleanor of Aquitaine (Part 5) :  FABULOUS SITE.  A MUST SEE!

 The Musical Influence of Eleanor of Aquitaine

 The Medieval World of Eleanor of Aquitaine

 Eleanor of Aquitaine :  From Women in World History.

 Eleanor :  Contains some usable information.

 Eleanor of Aquitaine - Look Back at Her Life

 Eleanor of Aquitaine - Her Last Adventure

 Eleanor of Aquitaine - Links :  Discover this page of links to encyclopedia sites and biographies dedicated to Eleanor of Aquitane.

 Eleanor of Aquitaine :  Portrait.

 Eleanor.doc :  Very detailed article on the queen.

 Eleanor  :  Brief biography.

 Eleanor of Aquitaine :  An interesting page.

Joan of Arc

 Information on Joan of Arc, and webpages about :  Great place to start.

 Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc) :  A nice site.

 Joan of Arc

 Joan of Arc's Role in the History of France

 Coat of Arms of Jeanne d'Arc : Read a biography of Joan of Arc covering her  life and  accomplishments.  Includes a picture of her Coat of Arms.

 Medieval Sourcebook: Joan of Arc: Letter to the King of England

 Saint Joan of Arc (1412-1431)

 Joan of Arc - Image Gallery

 Joan of Arc Literary References and Pictures and  More Pictures of Joan of Arc

 Joan Of Arc Photo Archive

 Catholic Encyclopedia: ST. JOAN OF ARC :  Extensive biography.

 Joan of Arc Speech

 Joan of Arc :  Good basic information.

Joan of Arc - Joan of Arc is Burned : Examine a profile of the charges against Joan of Arc  burned alive in the Old Market Place of Rouen in 1431 by the English.

King John:

 John :  From Dr. Skip Knox.

 John Lackland

Richard I The Lionhearted:

 Richard I

 Richard I :  From Dr. Skip Knox.

 Richard the Lionheart :  Exceptional page created by high school students.

 Richard The Lionheart

Richard III:

 Richard III A Man of His Times  and try  Richard III Society Homepage****

 Richard III :  Was he a villian or a saint?

Edward I:

 England's Warrior-King Edward I - Full Text: Dec. '95 Military History Feature :  Great article.

 Edward I :  From Dr. Skip Knox.

 Edward I. "Longshanks" Plantagenet :  Come and see the man who William Wallace was up against.  This is an excellent site with lots of information.

 King Edward I

William Braveheart Wallace 700 :  A bit on King Edward I

Robin Hood:

Robin Hood Project at the University of Rochester:  THE BEST SITE ON THE WEB

  Robin Hood
 Robin Hood - Reality or Myth?

 Who Was Robin Hood?
 Compton's Background of Robin Hood

 St. Thomas Aquinas:

 Thomas Aquinas

 Stephen Loughlin's Home Page - St. Thomas Aquinas :  A most comprehensive page.

 Thomas Aquinas

 Catholic Encyclopedia: ST. THOMAS AQUINAS

Biography of St. ThomaAquinas

 Thomas Aquinas :  Good source.

 Thomas Aquinas

William Wallace:

 The History Behind Braveheart :  A page on William Wallace.

 EXPLOITS AND DEATH OF WILLIAM WALLACE, THE "HERO OF SCOTLAND" : EXCELLENT information.  You may have to work to find the author.

 "The Battle of Stirling Bridge , and  Battle of Falkirk and the Execution of Wallace Menu :  Excellent site written by a historian.

 The Battle of Stirling Bridge :  Well worth the visit.

  William Wallace The Truth and  The Trial :  Whatever you wanted to know about Willam is here.

 The Trial of Scotsman William Wallace, 1306

 Sir William Wallace of Ellerslie "from Outlaw to Guardian of Scotland" - Toom Tabard

 Historical Braveheart :  More great (factual) information on William Wallace and info on the movie.

 Sir William Wallace :  Nice site.

 Sir William Wallace

 William Wallace :  Has the poem by Robert Burns and lots of information.

 Images of William Wallace :  Contains lots more than just images.  Keep hitting "next".

 Edward I. "Longshanks" Plantagenet :  Come and see the man who William was up against.  This is an excellent site with lots of information.

Alfred the Great:

 The Life of King Alfred

Alfred the Great

 King Alfred the Great


 Catholic Encyclopedia: CLOVIS

Pepin the Short:

 Catholic Encyclopedia: PEPIN THE SHORT

 Timeline of the Life of Charlemagne :  Contains information on Pepin.

 Pepin the Short -- Encarta® Concise Encyclopedia Article

 Pepin the Short

Louis IX:

Louis IX :  Again, from Dr. Skip Knox.

 Louis IX: Saint and King of France

 Catholic Encyclopedia: LOUIS IX, SAINT

 Louis IX, King of France

 St. Louis IX

 The Coronation of King Louis IX of France

 History / Historical figures / Louis IX, king of France

 Saint Louis of France - History

 Medieval Sourcebook: Louis IX: Advice to His Son

Pope Urban II:

 Pope Urban II:  The man who started the Crusades.

 Urban II

 Urban II: Speech at Clermont: Five Versions

 Pope Urban II calls for a Crusade

 Pope Urban II on the First Crusade

Pope Gregory VII:

 Gregory VII: Call for a "Crusade", 1174

 Catholic Encyclopedia: POPE GREGORY VI

 Gregory VII [Hildebrand]

Henry IV:

 Henry IV:  From Dr. Skip Knox.

 Henry IV (Holy Roman Empire) -- Encarta® Concise Encyclopedia Article


 Saladin:  Here is an accounting of The life and battles of Saladin
who fought against the armies of the Crusaders.

 Saladin & the Crusades

 Cairo History: The Age of Saladin

 Encyclopaedia of the Orient :  Brief biography on Saladin

 Saladin: The Politics of Holy War

 Medieval Sourcebook: Richard Lionheart Makes Peace with Saladin

St. Bernard of Clairvaux:

 St. Bernard of Clairvaux

 Bernard of Clairvaux

 Saint Bernard of Clairvaux Abbot, Doctor of the Church 1153

 St. Bernard of Clairvaux (1090 - 1153)

 Bernard of Clairvaux and Praise for The Knights of the Temple

 Saint Bernard of Clairvaux Abbot, Doctor of the Church

 St. Bernard of Clairvaux c.1090-1153

St. Francis of Assisi:

 St. Francis of Assisi

Francis (Giovanni Bernardone)

 St. Francis of Assisi, Part 1 by Ashley McFadden

 Third Order of the Society of Saint Francis

 Saint Francis of Assisi Webring

 St. Francis of Assisi - Sermon to the Birds

 St. Francis of Assisi

Peter the Hermit:

 Peter the Hermit and the Popular Crusade :  From the Medieval Source Book.  PRIMARY SOURCES HERE.

 The First Crusaders :  Lots on Peter the Hermit.

 Peter the Hermit

Philip II:

 Philip II :  Excellent information from Dr. Skip Knox.

 Philip II, king of France

Otto the Great: - Results for Otto, Holy Roman Empire


 Die Deutschekulturseite - Otto I

Frederick Barbarossa:

 Frederick I Hohenstaufen (Barbarossa)

Frederick Barbarossa or  Third Crusade - Barbarossa :  From Dr. Skip Knox

 Medieval Sourcebook: Crusade of Frederick Barbarossa, Letters

 Frederick I of the Roman Empire

 Frederick I (Holy Roman Empire) -- Encarta® Concise Encyclopedia Article

Godfrey of Bouillion:

 William of Tyre: Godfrey Of Bouillon Becomes "Defender Of The Holy Sepulcher"

 Knox, First Crusade, Godfrey of Bouillon :  You have to love anything by Dr. Skip Knox.

 Catholic Encyclopedia: LATIN KINGDOM OF JERUSALEM

 Godfrey of Bouillon -- Encarta® Concise Encyclopedia Article

 Godfrey de Bouillon (1058-1100) - Results for Godfrey of Bouillon

Raymond of Toulouse:

Count Raymond of Toulouse

 The First Battle of the First Crusade: Dorylaeum, 1097 AD - Cover Page: June '98 Military ...

Charles VII:

King Charles VII "the Victorious" Valois 1403-1461

Leif Ericson:

 Leif Ericson Homepage

 LEIF ERICSON: Icelander or Norwegian?


 Leif Eriksson - Biography

 Leif Erikkson - Report

 Leif Ericson - Columbus' Predecessor by Nearly 500 Years.

 Leif Ericson - Compton's Encyclopedia

 Leif Ericson - Encarta Biography

 Leif Erikson - By Kevin A. Weitemier

 Heritage Project

 Famous Vikings