Medieval Clipart

Clipart for Web Pages, etc.
Powerpoint "How-to"' and Backgrounds

Use the sites here to help you find images, fonts, and backgrounds for your projects.

Clipart Sites:

 Clipartcastle :  I'd start here!

 Ceara's Mostly Medieval Clipart

 Land of Enchantment : A MUST SEE SITE! Sections contain backgrounds sets made from  original artwork generously allowed for free use by some of the most talented artists on the internet today.

 Mystical Castle

 Wolfies Graphics :  Medieval sets

 Argotique Graphics: Egyptian, Celtic, Medieval Clipart

 Medieval Clip Art

 Chez Drea's index of Medieval Clipart

 Medieval Woodcuts Clipart Collection

 Morgan's Medieval Download Haven

 The Whole Internet Clipart Guide :  A guide for finding free clip art of almost any topic: Icons, photographs, web page graphics, animated GIFs, people, animals, objects, and more. :  Search for Medieval.  Has some great realistic images.

Badger's Medieval Clipart Page :  Not many, buts some good ones.

 Kyl's Castle of Medieval and Fantasy Clipart  :  Has a multitude of links to medieval graphics pages.

 Bryde's Medieval and Goodies Website :  Has a search site for medieval clipart near the bottom of the page.

 Nite Whisper's Dreams

 NetSERF: Medieval Art

 HERE BE DRAGONS! : Fantasy clipart with a dragon motif!

 Kat's Meow - Web Clip Art - 10/10/97 :  Great links to pages with super graphics.

 Kat Blacks Freebies :  Lots of beautiful medieval images.

  Heraldic Clip Art :  Offers extensive galleries of animation files and graphics of
                      heraldic devices and medieval figures.

 Orchid's Free Monsters & Medieval Clipart

 Knight Clipart & Links: Some animated.

 Castles Clipart & Links

PowerPoint Backgrounds:

 PowerPoint Tutorial Menu' :  Great site that shows you step-by-step how to create a PowerPoint presentation.

 PowerPoint in the Classroom :  From Microsoft.  Great site with super tutorials.

Purpose PowerPoint Backgrounds:  Site with some backgrounds you can use in PowerPoint presentations.

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