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Generla information:

 Web Directory: NetSERF: Medieval Literature :  All sorts of information here.  Here you can search by author or title.  Check it out!

 Medieval Attitudes toward Literature

 Anthology Middle English Literature*** :  Chaucer, Sir Gowain, Medieval Lyrics, Plays,
     Everyman and many more on line. There's music
     too. A great Site.

 Changeling Legends from the British Isles*** :  from the University of Pittsburgh -
     25 wonderful tales of wonder. Please visit this
     page and read a few to understand the
     superstition and folk beliefs of the times.

 Encyclopedia Mythica: Norse Mythology :  Meet Thor and Freya and many more in this
     slick site Read about the Viking concept of the

 Germanic Myths, Legends and Sagas

 Labyrinth Library: Old English Literature***

 Medieval Europe: Literature :  from
     Hanover History Department - a wonderful
     resource offering 28 writers and links to their
     works on line. Chaucer, Adelard, Sugar of St.
     Denis, Procopius and many more.

 Miracle and Mystery Plays :  explanation of
     the drama of the Medieval period in the
     Catholic Encyclopedia

 Women Writers of the Middle Ages*** :  the works of secular and religious writers plus
     works about and concerning women....Check
     out the student work at the bottom of the page
     for info on women in art, music, politics, warfare
     and much more. Super Site

  The Canterbury Tales Project by Oxford,
Sheffield, De Montfort, and Brigham Young
Universities. A growing site, with links to

 The Canterbury Tales - Main Page  from
the University of Virginia. From this page you
can jump to any one of th e Tales you want to
look at or download.

The Canterbury Tales

  The Decameron Web --A site dealing with Boccacio's works and the
     culture in which they existed. It has sections
     dealing with literature, society, history, religion,
     the plague, maps, and a bibliography. It mainly
     deals with the 13th and 14th centuries. The site
     offers the Decameron in Italian and in an English

 The Electronic Beowulf

 The Song of Roland

 Le Morte D'Arthur


 The High History of the Holy Graal

 Medieval Irish Poetry

 The English Poetry Database

 The Internet Classics Archive

 Medieval Books

 The Online Medieval and Classical Library


Specific authors:

 Baragona's Chaucer Home Page :  Fantastic information here on Chaucer and his works.

 Geoffrey Chaucer 1342-1400 - The Canterbury Tales

 Geoffrey Chaucer

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