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Basic Information:

 A Brief History of Knighthood : A good place to begin your quest into the relm of knighthood.

 The Origins Of The Medieval Knight :  EXCEPTIONAL!

 Medieval Knights : Extremely basic information.

 Wyrme's Encyclopedia of Knighthood

 Knighthood :  Outlines the process of becoming a knight.


 Who is a Knight? and  On Knighthood

Introducing... Knight LifeIssue #1: Defining the KnightIssue #2: The Origins of Knighthood in Europe ,  and  Issue #5: A Castle in the Background :  This site has lots of great information.  Well worth a visit.

 Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library :  Probably the most extensive site.

 Women Knights of the Middle Ages  :  What a surprise!  Great information.

 The Knights Templar,  and  Knights Templar :  A look at the history and mystery of the Order.

 Aaron's - Knights and Chivalry - Homepage

 Sir Clisto Seversword's Tome of Adventure and Knowledge :  This man has collected lots of great links.

 Male Clothing and Knightly Armor of the 1250's : Well-written article by Andrew Goddard describes the clothing worn by a typical knight of the mid-thirteenth century, from his braes to his surcotte. Includes clear illustrations.


Arms and Armor:

 Arms and Armor and the Arms and Armour Glossary of Terms  :  From the Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library

 Armor of the Knight.

 The Arador Armour Library   :  If you want to know about it, it's here.

 Therion's Armour & Weapons Page

 The Craft Guilds of The Knights of Trinity



 Gallery of armor images page 1,   Gallery of armor images page 2, and  Gallery of armor images page 3.  WARNING: Possible slow download time.

 New York Metropolitan Museum of Art :  Largest American collection.

 Pre-Gunpowder Weapons and Armor :  Great photos.

 The Kienbusch Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art


 Issue #3: The Tournament and  Issue #4: The Joust :  From Knight Life Magazine.

 Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library

 King Rene's Tournament Book

 Jousts and Tournaments

 Tournaments :  Good page with links to other tournament topics.

 Medieval Society :  A Dr. Skip Knox article on tournaments.

 Medieval Tournament Prizes

 Historical Armed Combat Association

 On more Period Tournaments--by Master Arval Bencour :  Contains information on setting up a moder-day tournament based on the history of the Middle Ages.

 European Fighting Styles

 Arte of Defense


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