"Weid's Kids" Web Pages

Take some time and view web pages created by students in Ms. Mary Weidenhaft's World History classes at Sullivan High School, Sullivan, Missouri.  These students chose to make a web page as their medieval project.  For more information on this assignment, or for an questions please email Ms. Weid.

Spring 1999:

 Medieval Punishment/Torture :  By Torrey Woodcock - Honors World History

Fall 1999:

 Medieval Life :  By Jeni Bristow and Melissa Hahn - Honors World History II

 Dustin and Mike's Medieval Tournaments :  By Dustin Langel and Mike Garner - World History II

 The Medieval Inquisition :  By Kyle Gross and Daniel Rubenstein - Honors World History II

 The Hundred Years' War : By Joe Kage and Rusty Politte - World History II

 Medieval Punishment and Torture :  By Lindsay Heady and Alyssa Frye - Honors World History II

 Gothic Architecture :  By David Kromrey and Mitch Klauser - Honors World History II

 Late Medieval Art :  By Michelle AuBuchon and Becky Matousek - Honors World History II

Fall 2000:

 Cody Reeves: Joan of Arc

Shannon Haynes and Briana Hulsey:  Joan of Arc

Brian Biermann and Tyler Harms: The First Crusade

Dustin Crider and T. J. Carey: William Wallace

 Mark Houser:  The Black Death

Scott Blankenship:   Medieval Music

Cathy Voss and Kimberly Juergens:  Medieval Torture Chamber

Matt Tiefenbrunn and Nathan Dace:   Medieval Warfare