The Inquisition
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General Information:

 Historical Overview of the Inquisition and  More Historical Overview of the Inquisition

 Trials during the Inquisition

 The Origin of the Inquisition and  The Infamy of Its Procedure

 MSN Encarta - Inquisition :  Details the religious persecutory actions taken against heretics who were perceived enemies of the state.

 Links to Inquisition Sites :  Site that has some good links.


 "The Holy (?) Inquisition"

 Inquisition FoundedInterrogation and Trial , and
 Punishment :  Excellent information.

 Timeline of the Inquisition

 The Inquisition.

 Medieval Sourcebook: Inquisition - Introduction : A brief introduction by David Burr.

The Medieval Inquisition :  An excellent page dedicated to a complete understanding of the Inquisition.  Divided into sections on:  Medieval Church and Society, Heresy Growth,  Inquisition Founded, Interrogation and Trial, Punishment, Languedoc, 14th Century and Prosecution of the Knights Templar, Sorcery and others.  THIS IS A MUST VISIT PAGE.

 The Roman Inquisition or  The Spanish Inquisition

 The Spanish Inquisition:  Fact versus Fiction

 Procedure of the Roman Inquisition

Inquisitors and Heretics:

 Heretics :  A introduction to medieval heresy.

 A Look At The Inquisitors:



 The Massacre of the Albigenses


  TORQUEMADA :  Infamous leader of the Spanish Inquisition.

 A Regrettable Life: Tomás de Torquemada

 Biography of St. Dominic

 Galileo and The  Inquisition

Primary Sources:

 Angelo Clareno on an Inquisitorial Torture Session

 Bernard Gui: Inquisitorial Technique (ca. 1307-1323)

 Bernard Gui: Inquisitor's Manual

 Inquisition Record of Jacques Fournier :  Provides several confessions depicting the life of Medieval villagers, focusing specifically on issues of faith.