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BBC - History - Industrialisation : Excellent information and some fun games to try when you are finished researching.

Industrial Revolution

Cotton Times

MSN Encarta - Industrial Revolution

Encyclopaedia of British History: Textile Industry

The Open Door Web Site : History : The Industrial Revolution : Introduction :  Lots of topics

Industrial Revolution Resources

The Industrial Revolution

The Age of Revolution: Europe, 1789-1848

NM's Creative Impulse.. Industry

The Industrial Revolution of the Eighteenth Century

Lectures on The Industrial Revolution in England by Arnold Toynbee:  A tough read, but full of information.

Lesson: Industrial Revolution (Women in World History Curriculum)

Modern History Sourcebook: Women Miners in the English Coal Pits : Primary Source

Industrial Revolution Internet Scavenger Hunt

History of the Workhouse

The National Archives Learning Curve | Victorian Britain |Mining


Victorian Social History: An Overview :  LOOK HERE!

The Life of the Industrial Worker in Ninteenth-Century England

The Life of the Industrial Worker in England

The Open Door Web Site : History : The Industrial Revolution : Working Conditions  and Urban Conditions

Living and Working Conditions During the Industrial Revolution:  Good site.

Tenement Museum New York : Would you want to live here?

The Life of the Industrial Worker in 19th-Century Britain

Life of Ninteenth-Century Workers :  Information given Before the Sadler Committee * Mr. Cobbett's Discovery * The Physical Deterioration of the Textile Workers * A Cotton Manufacturer on Hours of Labor * Opposition to the Chimney Sweepers' Regulation Bill * The Benefit of the Factory Legislation * Testimony Gathered by Ashley's Mines Commission ...

Disease during the Industrial Revolution

Victorian Occupations: Life and Labor in the Victorian Period as Seen by Artists, Writers, and Modern Historians : Good explanation of attitudes.

Victorian Social History: An Overview : An Overview Public Health * Nineteen-Century Public Health Overview * Chadwick's Report on Sanitary Conditions Conditions of Life and Labor * Wages, the Cost of Living, and Contemporary Equivalents to Victorian Money * Victorian Occupations -- Life and Labor in the Victorian Period

Chadwick's Report on Sanitary Conditions: Edwin Chadwick was a secretary to a
commission investigating sanitary conditions and means of improving them.  The Commission's report is one of the great reports of this epoch.

Women in the Industrial Revolution

Penny Magazine Online Home Page : A newspaper of the 1830s aimed at the working class.

The Match girls Strike : Match factory and shows how action was taken by  a number of people to try and force reform on behalf  of these women.

Factory Rules from the Handbook to Lowell, 1848 :

Westinghouse Works, 1904

TRIANGLE  FACTORY  FIRE :  An excellent site about a tragedy here in the USA.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A History of American Sweatshops, 1820 - present :  Well-organized exhibit on the history of sweatshops.  Lots of excellent details about the working  conditions,machines, etc.

Modern History Sourcebook: Harriet Robinson: Lowell Mill Girls : Primary Source


Child labor in Factories During the Industrial RevolutionEXCELLENT SITE!!!

Public Record Office | Education | Snapshots | Victorian children in trouble with the law

Encyclopaedia of British History: Child Labour 1750-1850

Child Labor

Samuel Slater - Father of the American Industrial Revolution - Child Labor

Mill Labor at Slater Mill

The Mill Girls: Lowell Mills during the Industrial Revolution and Lowell National Historical Park - "Mill Girls" and  Time Table of the Lowell Mills

Child Labor during the British Industrial Revolution

Children in the Industrial Revolution

Child Labor in America from The History Place

Hard at Work in Factories and Mines: The Economics of Child Labor during the British Industrial Revolution

Child Labor and the British Industrial Revolution

Child Labor Cartoons