The Holy Grail  

 Historically, the existence of the Holy Grail has never been proven..... but the legends about it abound.


  The High History of the Holy GrailPRIMARY SOURCE DOCUMENT

 Holy Grail : Offers a massive archive of Grail images, as well as a probable history,  theories, a discussion group, articles, and related links.

 The Legend of the Holy Grail :  Cool site that tells the legend in concise terms.

An Introduction to Current Theories about The Holy Grail:  Some good information.

 Holy Grail - The Camelot Project : Explains the myth behind the religious object and provides links to poems written about it throughout history.

 The Holy Grail : History and legends of one of the most important relics of Christendom.  THIS IS A HUGE SITE.

 The Role of the Knights Templar in the Grail Legends :  Good information.  And you may need  The Knights Templar Preceptory Portcullis  , a site that explains the Knights Templar in history.

 Mythical Quest: Holy Grail

 The Story of the Grail : The legend is here.

 The Grail Legend: from ancient stories to Wagnerian opera : A multicultural look at the Grail in history.

 Parsifal and the Holy Grail : a knight named Parsifal and the retelling of the classic myth of King Arthur and the Holy Grail highlights its significance for the present age.

 Perlesvaus :  Nothing historical here, but it is cool story told on some media intensive web pages.  (Obviously, I just liked it.)