Basic Information Specific Guilds
Basic Information:
 Medieval Guilds 
 The Guilds :  Basic information on guilds.  A good place to start.
Regulations of Guilds
  The eight hour shift vs. the guildworker's day. :  Excellent information on working conditions.
 The Craftsman  :  A great introduction to craftsmen including the training of craftsmen, types of craftsmen, and guilds.
 Women and Guilds in the Middle Ages and  Men's Views of their Wives' Work
Tapestry Guild :  Very specific information on tapestry guilds in the 1300's.
 The Barber-Surgeon's Guilds:  Specific information of these guilds in the 1200's.
 Making and Selling of Food and Beverages 
 Chandlers : A look at candle makers and sellers.