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General Food Information:

 Culinary History :  From the New York Public Library.  A good place to begin your search.

Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage :  An excellent source for information and recipes.

 Le Ménagier De Paris :  PRIMARY SOURCE.

 MEDIEVAL PAVILION RESOURCES--Camp fire cooking links

 Right Now - Cuisine Before Forks  :  If nothing else, I love the title of this page, from Harvard Magazine.

 Serve It Forth

Food, Drink and Cookery in Medieval Society

 Food And Drink in Anglo-Saxon England :  :  lots of information about the
      types of food served and how it was recipes

 Stefan's Florilegium: Food :  All types of information located here.

A French Meal from the 14th



An article on medieval famine




Medieval and Renaissance Brewing

 Drake's Medieval Brewing Web Page - Index :  Great information.

 Alcoholic Drinks in the Middle Ages :  Very detailed information on wine, mead, beer, ale, brandy, whiskey, liqueurs and cordials.

 The Mead Maker's Page

Le Poulet Gauche :  Super site on 16th Century French alehouses.  Has good information on historical setting, food, and general alehouses and inns.



 Robbing Peter To Pay Paul: Halving Feast Costs (seasonal savings)

 Dining in State: A High Cuisine :   Revision of
     a1989 article describing a banquet put on by the
     Richard III Society. Billed as a step back in
     time, the article gives insight into the life styles of
     the high and low born alike. A strictly text but
     very interesting article.

 A 14th Century German Feast

 A Meal from the 14th Century (taken from The Goodman of Paris)

 How to Pig Out with 130 of Your Closest Friends (cooking for large groups)

 To Prepare a Most Honorable Feast

 To Make a Feast

 Feasting and Fasting in the Period



 Medieval and Anglo Saxon Recipes  and  Medieval European Recipes

 Medieval and Renaissance Foods and Recipes

Medieval Recipes :  Some favorite recipes from a SCA member.

 Medieval Recipes :  Lots here.  Even Christmas dinner!

 Meals & Manners: The Geoffrey Chaucer Page

 A Chaucerian Cookery  :  examines the references to food and dishes in all
     of Chaucer's writings, studies the dietary habits
     of his characters, and gives a complete list of all
     foods Chaucer refers to. Included is A
     Chaucerian Feast, which presents an authentic
     Medieval feast based on the writings of Chaucer
     and corresponding 14th c. recipes.

 Cressee Recipe--illustrated

Medieval Recipes:  156 pages of it! Very complete.  Uses Adobe Acrobat to read.