The Lord                                         A Serf
 The Middle Ages: Feudal Life :  A fabulous introduction to feudal society.
 Feudalism :  A great introduction to feudalism written by a high school class.
 Feudalism by Paul Vinogradoff :  Excellent article.
 Feudalism.html :  A basic outline of feudalism.
 Feudalism :  Not a great deal of content, but I liked the graphics.
 Feudal Law :  Terms concerning feudalism.
 Agriculture and Development: Europe to the Demise of Feudalism.
 The Feudal System
 Medieval Sourcebook: "Feudal" Oaths of Fidelity :  A primary source.
 Medieval Sourcebook: Charter of Homage and Fealty, 1110 :  Another primary source.
 Feudal Terms of England A useful dictionary of
  terms of the time period.
 Lords and Peasants in 12th and 13th Century Catalonia Read about the relationship between lords and peasants in the Middle Ages in documents of the time.
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