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 Atahualpa. The Columbia Encyclopedia

 Atahualpa, Pizarro and the Fall of the Inca Empire

 Encyclopedia.com - Results for Atahualpa

 Atahualpa - A-to-Z History DiscoverySchool.com

 Death of Atahualpa

Pedro de Cieza de Léon: Chronicles of the Incas, 1540: Primary source.



Empires Past: Aztec : Exceptional ThinkQuest site.

 The Aztecs/Mexicas

Aztec : Covers the empire, culture and religion.

 Aztec Empire

 Aztec Empire Main : A MUST SEE SITE

 The Aztec Empire: 1400-1519

 Modern History Sourcebook: Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico : Primary Source

 Acoyauh's Aztec Lore : History from the Aztec point of view.

 Aztec Government : Covers the government, but also has links to art, economy, society, military, science and religion.  Neat site.

 The Aztec Empire History

 Aztec Empire's Information

 Aztecs.Mexico for Kids , and Organization of the Aztec Empire.Mexico for Kids

Aztec Calendar

 Azteca or Mexica?

Acoyauh's Aztec Lore


 Aztec : Cool images of Tenochtitlan.

 PBS: Conquistadors- Cortes

 Chapter 3: New Blood for Old Spain (1400–1600s)

 The Conquest of Cortes

 Encyclopedia.com - Results for Cortés, Hernán : Fall of the Aztec Empire

 European Voyages of Exploration: Aztec Empire

Bartolome de Las Casas:

 Bartolome de las Casas


de las Casas 1494-1566

Articles Las Casas, Man Who Made A Difference - Historical Text Archive

 Bartolome de las Casas, Spanish Historian

Bartholome de Las Casas

Bartolome de Las Casas

Bartolome de las Casas Manuscripts: Primary sources

Las Casas, Bartolome de. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition ...

Bartolomé de las Casas [1484-1566]

The Mariners' Museum EXPLORATION through the AGES

 A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies or Bartoleme de Las Casas, Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies: Primary Source.

Bartolomé de Las Casas - Wikipedia,

Bartolome de las Casas (c.1490-1558)

The Tale of Bartolome de las Casas

Las Casas


Bartoleme de las Casas

Biography Bartolome de Las Casas, missionary (17 July 1566)

Montezuma II:

 Montezuma  : Vast amounts of information.

Montezuma II

 Conquistadors - Mexico :  On Montezuma.  From the excellent PBS site.

 Moctezuma's Greeting to Hernan Cortes : Primary Source.

 Encyclopedia.com - Results for Montezuma


 Montezuma II - encyclopedia article from Britannica.com

 Montezuma. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001

 Montezuma II - A-to-Z History - DiscoverySchool.com

 Student Essay on Montezuma II :  A student work, but has some good facts and links.

 Aztec Government :  Has a great picture of Montezuma II.

 Chapter 3: New Blood for Old Spain (1400–1600s) :  Talks about him in here.

 "Cortez and Montezuma at Mexican Temple" : Has great picture to use.

 The Aztec Empire History

 Aztec Accounts of the Conquest of Mexico

 The History of the Conquest of Mexico


P B S : C o n q u i s t a d o r s : Excellent site.

The Conquistadores in North America

Conquest for teens:  It covers the conquistadors

Spanish Exploration and Conquest of North America

El Dorado:  The legend.

 Conquistadors in the New and Old World : An excellent site by Dr. Jane S. Day, Chief Curator, Denver Museum of Natural History

 The Sword of the Conquistador

 BOOK IV: Residence of Cortez in Mexico.

 Acoyauh's Aztec History : From the conquistadors' point of view.


 Inca : Extensive site.

 Conquistadors - Peru :  On Montezuma.  From the excellent PBS site.

 Chronicles of the Incas : Primary Source.

Slave on the Middle Passage:

Perilous Voyages :  Good basic

 Middle Passage

 The Middle Passage : Exceptional site.
    Has super links -  A MUST SEE SITE

 Synopsis of the Transatlantic Slave Trade 1441 - 1888

 What was the Middle Passage?

 Africans in America/Part 1/The Middle Passage

 The Middle Passage History

 JuneteenthPictorial "The Middle Passage"

 Middle Passages Inc.-Slave Ship Database :  This is so cool.

 Slave Narratives :  Here are some primary sources.


 Pirates!: Fact : LOTS of information.

Pirates, Buccaneers, and Privateers : Do you know the difference?

Pirates and Privateers

The World Wide Web Virtual Library Naval and Maritime Piracy:  Organized by topic.

The Captain and Crew, , Pirates of the Caribbean, in fact and fiction:  Has good pirate information.

Pyrates Providence

Pirates of the Spanish Main :  A treasure
        trove of pirate information.

Pirates of the Bahamas

Pirates Page: Links to piracy information.

Pirate Links - Debbie's Unit Factory:  Looking for images?  Try here.

Pirates of the Caribbean, in Fact and Fiction: Great basic info.

The Pirates' Who's Who by Philip Gosse - Project Gutenberg:  This is an e-book on specific pirates and their lives and deaths that you can download and use.

Welcome to ThePirateKing.com :  Check out these links.

 No Quarter Given pirate magazine :  Has some good links.

 The History of the Spanish Treasure Fleet System : Need to know about these if
       you're talking about piracy.

 Web Index of Piracy

Pirates Site:  fact and fiction

The Queen Anne's Revenge Shipwreck Project - Archaeological Investigations of Blackbeard's Flagship  :  Good info on Blackbeard.  Has
        some great pirate links too.

 Legends - Pirates and Privateers :  Very nice site.

 Pirate Image Archive :  Need images?  Of course you do, matie!

 Pirates Homepage :  Has some nice links.

 Pirates! @ nationalgeographic.com : Excellent information.

The Buccaneers of America  : A primary source.

 Pirates High Seas Adventure Game: Really not a source, but it's fun.

 Blackbeard! - Ports O' Call :  Links to information on Blackbeard.

Henry Morgan - Wikipedia

The Pirate's Realm -Henry Morgan, Sir Henry Morgan, Captain Henry ...

Captain Henry Morgan's Later Years Real Pirates of the Caribbean, Chapter I, Part III

Henry Morgan

English Letter of Marque, 1670: Primary source

Jean Lafitte Gentleman Pirate of New Orleans

Jean Lafitte - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jean Laffite - or - Will the Real Pirate Please Stand Up

Pirates & Privateers The History of Maritime Piracy - Jean Laffite

Samuel Bellamy aka Black Bellamy

Insurgent Gopher Hunters View topic - Samuel Bellamy

Anne Bonny's Ghost Ship

Anne Bonny - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mary Read - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mary Read

Pyrates: Mary Read

Mary Read

Teach's Hole Exhibit - Women Pirates

Defiant Women Pirates

Pirate Mary Read

George Lowther

George Lowther (pirate) - Wikipedia

Pirate Encyclopedia- George Lowther


The Mayflower Web Pages : Exceptional site with lots of information.

 The Mayflower Voyage

 Journey Into History: Voyage on the Mayflower

 About the Mayflower Journey

 A Complete Mayflower Passenger List

 The Mayflower Society

 History of the Mayflower

 The Avalon Project : Mayflower Compact 1620

 The Mayflower Compact

 Mayflower Compact - 1620


 The Pilgrims-Overview :  Look through the site for some good pictures.

The Pilgrim Story.



Pilgrims and Puritans: Background

 The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony:1620

 Who Were The Pilgrims

 Pilgrim History

 The First Thanksgiving: Mayflower Home Page

 History of Thanksgiving and  Thanksgiving - Fact Sheet

 Life in a 17th-Century New England Settlement

 Colonial America 1600-1775, K12 Resources : Lots of links to sift through.

 Encyclopedia.com - Pilgrims

 The Pilgrims and the Mayflower Compact

 Encyclopedia.com - Results for Plymouth Colony

 The Landing of the Pilgrims : Great image.

 Pilgrim Letter : Primary source.

The Americas:

   links to lots of sites dealing with those who were conquered.

 GB_Online's Mesoamerica

Francis Xavier:


 Francis Britto's All About Francis Xavier

 Saint Francis Xavier

 St. Francis Xavier (1506-1552)

 St. Francis Xavier :  A different look at him.

 St. Francis Xavier -- 450th Anniversary :  Lots of links to information.

 Francis Xavier, Saint. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001

 Modern History Sourcebook: St. Francis Xavier: Letter from India, to the Society of Jesus at Rome, 1543 : PRIMARY SOURCE