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Image sites:  Find the graphic you need.

General Sites:

Archive of Student Papers:  on a variety of subject.

Discoverers Web Home page - links and information on voyages of discovery :  A plethora of information on all aspects of exploration.  Also check the links section.  There are some really good undergraduate papers here.

Hall of Explorers

Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends:  LOTS of links!

Voyage of Exploration Discovering New Horizons

300 Years of Spanish Presence:  Biographies of some of the conquistadors

European Explorers - Age of Exploration

 Mariners' Museum - Age of Exploration :  This place has a little of everything.

The Mariners' Museum EXPLORATION through the AGES:  Covers the explorers, their ships, their tools of navigation and voyages.  Life at sea is also covered here.

Empire of the Bayfrom the PBS series. Includes Hudson, Champlain, Cartier, and others.

 Columbus and Other Great Explorers

 European Voyages of Exploration - Home Page

 Civilization.ca - VMNF - The French Explorers

 1500's American History - Spanish Conquistadors in the United States

Conquest for teens:  It covers the conquistadors

Florida of the Conquistador

 Explorer Sites facts about Ponce deLeon, Panfilo de Narvaez, Hernando deSoto, and Tristan deLuna.

 A Treasure Trove of North American Exploration 

 Explorer Links  Explorers of the Millennium (Greatest Adventurers of the last 1000 years)

 Conquest of America by Hernando de Soto and Cabeza de Vaca


Cartographic Communication  : The value of maps, what is a good map, and the basic elements of map composition.

 Discovery and Exploration Maps from the Library of Congress : Excellent site.

 Cartographic Images :  View a variety of ancient maps, early medieval maps, late medieval maps and renaissance maps.

Map History - History of Cartography - WWW-Virtual Library  :  Aimed at anyone, whether specialist or surfer, who is potentially interested in non-current maps and wants to know how to find out more about them.

 Starting Points for Exploration :  Exploring the life and times of Galileo including maps contemporary to his time as well as modern maps.



 Miami Museum of Science - Shipwreck - The Exhibit -Sailing the Ship :  More on Spanish ships, including what it was like to be a crew member.

BBC Introduction of Navigation

 History and  Celestial Navigation Net  : All about celestial navigation.

Seaman's Secrets:  online. A fascinating nautical manual written by John Davis in 1595.

Ancient Navigation

The History of the Sextant

The Maritime History Virtual Archives

 The Columbus Navigation Homepage :  Okay, so it's written about Columbus, but you can apply the information to any explorer.

 Maritime History Research on the Internet

Sailing Ships Archive 

Caravel and Carrack

 Voyage of Exploration: Discovering New Horizons

 Navigatioin the 17th Century

European Voyages of Exploration Shipbuilding

 History of Shipbuilding


Image Sites:

Google Image Search

 Proteus Image Search - Search Remote Graphic Databases on the Web :  You can find just about anything here.


Primary Sources:

Modern History Sourcebook: Search Page  or Medieval Sourcebook: Search Page :  You can search this for all kinds of primary sources here.  Which time period does your explorer fall in?

Discoverers Web: Primary sources :  Check here for specific explorer's works. A MUST SEE SITE!

Primary Source Professional Development for K-12 Teachers in History and Humanities :  A non-profit organization dedicated to bringing primary sources for multicultural curriculum development and education.

 Primary Sources for Explorers on the Web

 Repositories of Primary Sources :  A listing of over 3700 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar.

EuroDocs:  Online Sources for European History.  Links connect to Western European (mainly primary) historical documents that are transcribed, reproduced in facsimile, or translated.

 Labyrinth Home Page

 ORB: The Library

 The Avalon Project : Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Documents

 Exploration and Empire :  Contains lots of primary texts about exploration.

The Mind of the Conqueror :  This has some super primary source documents.

 Medieval Sourcebook: Christopher Columbus: Extracts from Journal