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Extrasensory Perception:

 Extrasensory Perception : From the psych info bank.

 Anomalous Links: Extrasensory Perception :  Lots of links.

 ESP :  A good outline of the history of ESP research beginning in the 1870s and continuing through Rhine's experiments up to today.

 Everything and more that you ever wanted to know about ESP

 A.R.E.- E.S.P. :  Basic information on ESP.

Extrasensory Perception :  Some good links here.

 A PSI-Hitting Recipe :  which reveals the factors for favorable ESP
                              results, including cold readings -- and even making money!

 Psychic Reader :  An online magazine "by psychics for evolving spirits" covering many related topics.

 Paranormal Confessions: Psychic Phenomena

 Elec. Journal for Anomalous Phenomena


 Developing Your ESP Telepathy Ability :  Nine steps are provided for developing your ESP, but the author says it helps if you have his Psychic Experimenters Kit.

 Rhine Research Center (Institute for Parapsychology)

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945)

Uri Geller on-line

 Noreen Renier -- Psychic Detective

 Psychokinesis -- Proving the Power of the Mind


How ESP/Telepathy Works : Vincent Paradis is selling a Psychic Experimenters Kit, but he  does give some info here on how he thinks ESP works.

 An Overview on Telepathy :  How thought transmission might work, inherent problems, case studies, and more.

 PSI Explorer: Telepathy :  Good, in-depth information about the various forms of ESP, from
                              Mario Varvoglis, Ph.D.: what it is and what it isn't.

 Cult Research & Critical Thinking Resource: Pseudoscience Fact Sheets: Extrasensory Perception & Telepathy :  Skeptic's ideas on ESP.

 Skeptic's Dictionary: ESP (extrasensory perception) :  Views from the Skeptic's Dictionary by Robert Todd Carroll.


Paranormal Psychology:

 What is Parapsychology ?

 Glossary of Terms in Parapsychology

 Parapsychology FAQ :  General
  information about what parapsychology
        is.  Provides many links to
   parapsychology laboratories, on-line
      experiments, and other general information.

 Parapsychology: The Controversial Science

Paranormal Phenomena/The Unexplained  :  Links from the Mining Company

 The Parapsychological Association

 Student Parapsychology Society

 Psychic Healing

 Out of Body Experience FAQ

 Astral Projection Home Page :  This page
 discusses astral projection, a form of ESP
  in which people claim they can project
 their minds to see other places and believe
      they are actually there in spirit.



 Welcome to the Online Extrasensory Perception (ESP) Ability test

 Psychic Test :  Ninety percent of people have psychic ability, this site says. Take their interactive test and see how well you score.

 I want to test my ESP :  From the Association for Research and Enlightenment.  The test consists of a color wheel on which radiate 10 colors. The computer has chosen one of these colors, and it's your task to get an exact match, you receive 25 points; if you're one color away, 5 points, 2 colors away, 1 point; otherwise no points. You get 20 tries, and at the end you receive a score, 400 being perfect.

 The Hexatron Psychic Trainer :  uses a computer set of Zener cards -- a set of five cards, each containing a distinctive symbol, often used in tests of ESP. The computer randomly selects one of the cards and you must divine which one it is by clicking on it. You'll need the Java plug-in to run this one.

 Strike :  an ESP tester developed by Uri Geller himself on his website. You are presented with a map of the world on which are hidden 40 items of value. You must find as many of them as possible by clicking on the map. You get 20 chances. When you find one of the items, you get a chance to earn bonus points by answering a simplistic question (most of which have nothing to do with ESP).

Electronic PSI Test :  Five blank "cards" are provided. One of them conceals a circle.
                              See if you can predict which one it is. They only shuffle the cards once a week!

 ESP Cards :  Yet another online test using Zener cards. You get five chances
                              to pick the right card, then are given a score.

 Psychic Test :  Ninety percent of people have psychic ability, this site says. Take
                              their interactive test and see how well you score.