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General Information:

 DeathNet :  Lots and lots of good resources on death and grief.

Raindrop - Death Education For Children Of All Ages :  A great site for all kinds of information.

The Sociology of Death:  A key web site for accessing important information on the sociology of death, including: general resources; death across cultures and time; symbolic immortality and longevity; death and social  institutions, political economies, medicine, and religion; moral debates; and personal impacts of death.

 Death, Mourning and Caring links

 Transitions, Loss and Change


Grief/Grieving Process:

 GriefNet  :  One of the oldest grief sites on the net, founded by Cendra
Lynn. Offers many grief-related email discussion lists for
specialized types of bereavement. Also sells books and
bereavement supplies and offers a memorial section.

 Grief Relief by Victor Parachin :  Victor Parachin, NFDA grief educator and minister,  specializes in grief and bereavement topics. I highly recommend this site!

 Mental Health Net Self-Help Resources: Grief :  An excellent link list compiled by Mental Health Net, a comprehensive guide to mental health online, featuring over 3,700 individual resources.

 Crisis, Grief and Healing:   ONE OF THE BEST SOURCES ON THE WEB. Devoted to helping peole understand and therefore better be able to deal with their grief, paying attention to the different ways the genders grieve.

 Death-Dying.Com :  A good information and support resource on death and grief topics.  Includes an "Ask the Expert" are, a funeral planner, information for widows and widowers, loss of loved one, near-death experiences, terminal illness and hospice topics, and links to other related resources.

 Grief Recovery Online (GROWW) :  Originally founded by widows and widowers, this site offers grief support for all bereaved persons. The site has several interactive message boards and a chat room encouraging users to post memorials and grief-related messages. Has links to various individual memorial pages on the net.

 Grief: A Time to HealWill I Ever Stop Hurting? A Parent's Grief , When the Holidays Hurt: 19 Ways to Ease the PainChildren and DeathCo-Worker DeathParent Death , and  When a Baby Has Died :  All from the National Funeral Directors Association.  Excellent material.

 Pet Loss  :  A page devoted to grief issues surrounding the loss of a pet, because they
        are part of our family too.

 Prayer Corner :  A site specializing in grief support from a Christian perspective. Features include readings from Christian scriptures, a memorial area, and a brief link list.

 The Shiva Foundation :  A non-profit organization in Santa Fe, New Mexico, dedicated
to healing through loss. Site includes grief FAQs, information about author and speaker Deborah Morris Coryell, and links to related resources.

Grief and Loss Resource Center

 Association for Death Education and Counseling

 Counseling For Loss And Life Changes :  Professional clinical counselor Jane Bissler offers this site to give grieving people a place to access information, exchange ideas, and share their own personal experiences in regards to the grieving process. Features include articles on various aspects of grief, a chat room, an online bookstore, a memorial section, a children's corner, links to related sites, and other features.

 Bereaved Families Online :  Exceptional site.

 Mourning over a child's deathGrieving a parentís death and  How long does mourning last? :  All from Go Ask Alice.

 Grief in a Family Context: An Internet-based distance learning course in family grief support issues offered by Indiana University. Web pages provide the core reading materials, with references and links to many Internet resources.

 Hygeia -- An Online Journal for Pregnancy and Neonatal Loss

 Frequently Asked Questions about Miscarriage

 For Those Who Have Had Miscarriages

 Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Network :  This site has an excellent collection of links to SIDS resources and to general grief sites.

 American Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Institute

 The Arizona SIDS Alliance

 You Are Not Alone :  A links page supporting parents who have suffered a miscarriage or other infant loss.

 Empty Arms Webring :  Home page for a webring of sites created by parents who are grieving the loss of a child. Most of the sites on the ring are individual memorials. The home site, operated by Lisa Barney,offers a good link list, an ICQ directory for online chat rooms, an email newsletter, and other features.

 My Mom Is A Survivor :  This is the host site for the "My Mom Is A Survivor" webring which connects bereavement sites for mothers who have lost a child. There are nearly fifty sites as of August, 1998.

 Parents Of Murdered Children (POMC) :  POMC will assist any survivor and, if possible, link that survivor with others in the same vicinity who have survived their loved one's homicide. POMC is a national organization with over 100 chapters throughout the United States.

 Journey Of Hearts :  Provides links and resources related to various types of loss, major life changes and grief. Encourages mental and physical well-being during life transitions by presenting poetry, inspirational messages, stress management tips, humor, and musical recommendations.

 Being a Supportive Friend to a Grieving Person

 Bereavement and Hospice Support Netline :  A searchable on-line directory of bereavement support groups and hospice bereavement programs throughout the United States.

 Terminal Illness and Bereavement Chat :   available for anyone affected by serious illness or death.


Terminal Illness/Hospice:

 Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D. "On Death and Dying" :  Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D., has been one of the foremost authorities in the field of death, dying and transition for over 20 years, and practically invented this field as an area of legitimate discourse in the medical community. This site provides an interesting interview with her by Daniel Redwood.

 Before I Die :  A well-designed and informative site, it discusses personal concerns, issues
                       about death and dying,  through a wealth of personal stories, an interactive
                     discussion forum, and thought-provoking essays.

 Dealing with Death :  A long essay on terminal illness.

 Diagnosis: Terminal Illness

 Hospice Friends Indeed Library :  Great site that even has a chat room, so you can share your feelings.

 Terminal Illness and Bereavement Chat :  A chatroom specifically for the topic.

 HAA-Hospice History

 Hospice and home care

 Pain management

 Death with dignity

 Hospice Home Page

 Health File - Hospice Helps Cope with Terminal Illness

 All About Hospice: A Consumer's Guide

 Dying Well -- Resources for patients and families facing life-limiting illness

 Hospice: Comforting the Dying Patient


Near Death Experiences:

 The Typical Near Death Experience - Dr. Raymond Moody

 Dr. Raymond Moody's Homepage : The leading authority on NDE's.

 Betty Eadie's Home Page :  The author of "Embraced by the Light".

 Beyond the Veil : A Near Death Experiencer answers questions most people are afraid to ask.

 Crossing Over with John Edward : The psychic medium that allows the dead to speak through him

 What's New on the Afterlife Site :  Frequently asked questions.

Life After Death Described :  This site has some interesting links.

 Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife :  This is a mega-site for NDE information.

 The International Association for Near-Death Studies

 NDE Research :  Statistical results of 35,540 NDE accounts.

 Scientific Theories of Near Death Experiences: Covers all of the basic
      scientific explanations for NDE's.

 An Early Account of NDE :  NDEs are not only a modern phenomenon but there are accounts of earlier events.  Here is an Eighth century account of an NDE.

 Afterlife Secrets Revealed :  A great collection of NDE experiences from Kevin Williams.
 He has many ideas and insights into the near death experience or what he terms the "after death experience."

 A Conversation with Dannion Brinkley :  The author of  "Saved by the Light".

 Dr. Kenneth Ring's Lessons From the Light Website

 Inerson on Death, Dying and Near Death Experiences

 Near Death Experiences and Its Meaning

 Thoughts on Near Death Experience

 Christian Near Death Experiences

 Hello From Heaven!

 Near Death Experiences - Crystalinks

 Near Death Experience Research Foundation

 Afterlife Knowledge

 Journeys Beyond Reason


Methods of Disposition:


 Funeral and Cremation FAQ

 History of Cremation


 Willing your Body to Science

UCI Willed Body Program :  Information on willed body programs for  donating a body to science. The information  provided here is factual; some individuals may find the information graphic or disturbing.



Funeral and Memorial Planning:

 National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) Online

Glossary Of Funeral Terms

What To Do When Somebody Dies :  Practical information.

 A Practical Guide to Death


 NFDA Consumer Tips for Arranging a Funeral

 Funeral Help Program

Funeral And Memorial Societies Of America (FAMSA) :  FAMSA is dedicated to a consumer's right to choose a meaningful, dignified, affordable funeral. There are over 150 local not-for-profit societies in the United States and Canada that assist individuals with funeral planning and allow them to place instructions concerning their wishes on file prior to
need. Web site offers excellent consumer information and can help you find a local society.

 FuneralNet :  Provides a directory of funeral homes, funeral associations,
mortuary science programs, Veteran's Administration death
benefits, cemeteries, funeral industry classified ads, and
similar resources on the net. Some features are targeted at
professionals in the trade. Also designs web sites for funeral
homes and funeral industry companies.

 Consumer Casket USA :  Shop for caskets, urns and memorials online.

Today In Death Care :  A funeral industry site with links to related resources.

 National Funeral Directors Association: Consumer Information :  The link we have provided here will take you to the consumer information section of this site. The NFDA sells a wide  range of books, pamphlets, and videos that are useful both to mental health professionals and the general public.  Regarding grief, there is a good collection of relationship-specific and
situation-specific materials, including death of a child, explaining death to children, death of a spouse, death of a co-worker, death by suicide, and many other special cases.  Also provides consumer information about cost of funerals and funeral options.

 FTC Consumer Facts: Funerals, A Consumer Guide :  At a potential cost of more than $3,000, consumers may want to be aware of regulations that help protect them. Here's what the U. S. Fair Trade Commission has to say on the subject.

 FTC Consumer Facts: Caskets And Burial Vaults :  A no-nonsense fact sheet from the U. S. Federal Trade Commission explaining how to spot deceptive claims and
ripoffs when buying caskets and vaults, which are often the
most expensive components of a funeral. Also has tips on
pre-planning ("pre-need") arrangements where you put down money well in advance.


Cryonic Suspension:

Cryonics is the science of placing humans and animals into a low-temperature, biologically unchanging state, immediately after clinical death, with the expectation that advances in medical technology may eventually enable full restoration to life and health.

 Alcor Library :  All you ever wanted to know about cryonic suspension. ALCOR IS THE MOST WELL-KNOW CYRONIC SUSPENSION FACILITY.

 Cryonics and the Alcor Life Extension Foundation (by Steve Bridge)

 How Cold is Cold Enough? (by Hugh Hixon)

TRANS TIME Cryonics -- Home Page for TRANS TIME, Cryoni :  TRANS TIME is a pioneering service provider in the exciting field of cryonics, based in San Leandro, California.

 Cryonics Institute: Cryonic Suspension Services :  Cryonic suspension services & information. Patients are frozen in cryostasis till medical advances can revive them.  Site has 1000's of links, free books, latest news & info, answers all readers' questions.


Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide:

 Glossary of Terms : A guide to "end of life" words and concepts prepared by the Euthanasia Research and Guidance Organization.

 Senate Special Committee on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide :  Some of the best resources on the issue anywhere in the world.

 Selected Essays on Euthanasia

 Death with Dignity FAQ : Answers about all the questions you might have.

The Hemlock Society USA :  Supports legalized physician aid in dying for terminally ill
adults. Has chapters in 40 states.

 Dying With Dignity :  A Canadian society concerned with the quality of dying.

 Doctor-Assisted Suicide: A Guide :  A good compilation of links related to euthanasia provided by Longwood College Library. Includes legal briefs, advance
directives, living wills, and other background materials.

 ERGO's Euthanasia World Directory :  The Euthanasia Research And Guidance Organization (ERGO) is devoted to the topic of physician-assisted dying for
persons who are terminally or hopelessly ill and wish to end
their suffering. Includes general information on the right to
die movement.

 Euthanasia in Holland :  Fact sheet on how assisted suicide actually works in the

 Practical Issues in Physician-Assisted Suicide :  Annals of Internal Medicine, 15 January 1997. 126:146-151.  Reviews medical issues and literature related to patient
motivation and mental state when requesting euthanasia, and
the physician-patient ethical issues involved.

Jack Kevorkian:

 Kevorkian Talks Back

 The Kevorkian Documentary, May 14, 1996

The AMA's Response to Jack Kevorkian

 The Real Jack Kevorkian :  From the International Anti-Euthanasia Task Force.


Legal Issues:

 Shape Your Health Care Future:  An excellent general introduction to advanced directives.

 Advance Directives & DNR orders

 Multimedia Advance Directives Education

 ABA's "10 Legal Myths about Advance Directives"

 Advance Directives of the 50 States

 AMA booklet on advanced directives , HHS pamphlet on advance directives , and   Medicare and Advance Directives - Brochure

 "Living Wills and DNRs: What You Need to Know"

 "Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney"

 Text for the Appointment of a Surrogate

 Some benefits of a living will

 Living Will

 Choice in Dying (NYC) :  An extensive "living will" database for the United States.

 Professional Research in "Living Wills"

 Electronic Living Will and  Electronic Living Wills

 "The Living Will: A Guide To Health Care Decision Making" :  Exceptional article by Jack P. Freer, M.D. and Elizabeth G. Clark, Esq.

 Living Will and Values History Centre

 Living Will Packs

 Legal Survival Guide on Living WIlls (U.S.)


 Veteran Death Benefits and  Social Security Benefits


Organ Donation:

 Mid-America Transplant Services :  This is the organ procurement agency that serves the Midwest region.

 Organ Donation :  How to become an organ and tissue donor.

 Coalition on Donation : Information about the national (US) public education campaign on organ and tissue donation.

 UNOS Transplantation Information Site :  Homepage of United Network for Organ Sharing.

 Organ Transplantation and Donor Awareness and  UNOS Transplantation Facts and Statistics

 TransWeb -- Transplantation and Donation :  TransWeb home page, providing information on organ and tissue donation (for individuals and for medical professionals), a guide to
     transplantation resources, and a reference library.

LifeGift Organ Donation Center

 Lifeline Online (Bone Marrow Foundation)

 Children's Organ Transplant Association, Inc.

 Lung Transplant Association, Inc.

 Eye Bank Association of America

 American Association of Tissue Banks

 University of Colorado Bone Marrow Transplant Program