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News Resources

ABC News - includes headlines and TV news programs such as 20/20.

BBC NEWS  - for a more global view of today's headlines see what the British are saying.   - with headlines and links to special reports and TV programming.

MSNBC .com  - Ditto the above.

USA  - up-to-the-minute headlines in their on-line edition.

Washington Post online - news from our nation's capitol.

Associated Press - headlines from the original source.

Student News Net: Explore Your World

Newsweek & Time Magazine - two weekly news magazines that give in-depth coverage of current events.

US Department of State USINFO - headlines from the source.

Elections Resources

Elections 2004 - US Department of State Foreign Press Center Information Site.

Elections 2004 - University of Michigan's vast website.

America Votes - CNN - Compares Presidential candidates on the issues and campaign finances, tracks Democratic primary election results and delegate totals, and election calendar and public opinion polls.

Project Vote Smart - 2004 Presidential Candidates. - Lists major Presidential candidates and their ISSUE positions on Civilian Reserve, DC representation, economy, education, environment, job creation, health care, national security, and tax policy.

Candidate Profiles (Center for Responsive Politics).

Democracy in Action's P2004: The 2004 Presidential Campaign

Project Vote Smart: Biographies, LOBBY GROUP ratings, CAMPAIGN RECEIPTS by Political Action Candidate answers to the National Political Awareness Test, a questionnaire on ISSUES in the election Congress, Governors, President, and State Legislatures.

Democratic National Committee  - official site of the Democratic Party

     * John Kerry for President - Join Our Campaign

G O :: Republican National Committee  - official site of the Republican Party

    * :: The Official Re-election Site for President

Ralph Nader  - US Congress on the Internet - learn what issues are before Congress
Welcome to the White House  -Official news coming out of the White House in politics data

2004 platforms:




Ralph Nader


Gallup Organization - Summary results of most current public opinion polls.

Survey USA - Current Election Polls.

Prez Track 2004 - Presidential tracking poll.

White House 2004 - Comprehensive polling reports

Vote by Issue - (WBUR) Users can read detailed candidate positions on 14 issues.  Matches voters to appropriate Democratic primary candidate.

American Voice - Readable but scholarly articles on issues in the 2004 campaign from both the conservative and liberal standpoints. Issues include abortion, same-sex marriage, capital punishment, social security, AND stem cell research. (Footnotes document many paragraphs).  Summaries of liberal and conservative viewpoints show in the boxes.

Election Guides:


Special Reports

PBS Frontline - Featuring special reports on mostly national issues.

PBS Frontline World - Special reports highlighting world issues.

60 Minutes - investigative reporting on national and foreign policy issues.

National Public Radio (NPR) - Interviews with people on the scene in hot spots around the world as well as in-depth coverage of current national and world events.

NOW with Bill Moyers - Taking on controversial topics in current events.


American Independent Party

American Reform Party

Communist Party USA

Democratic National Committee

Democratic Socialists of America

Family Values Party

Freedom Socialist Party

Green Party

Independent American Party

Libertarian Party

Reform Party

Republican National Committee

Socialist Party USA

Socialist Workers Party


Political Spectrum Tests

DO YOU LEAN TO THE RIGHT OR LEFT?:  IDEAlog is designed to stimulate student thinking on issues that underlie contemporary views of political ideology.


President Match - Interactive questionnaire giving user a match on the issues to the Democratic and Republican candidates  May also compare two candidates side-by-side on the issues.


PARTY MATCHER:  Exactly what it says.

Discovery Channel :: Political Quiz :  How much do you know about the electoral process?


President Match - Interactive questionnaire giving user a match on the issues to the Democratic and Republican candidates  May also compare two candidates side-by-side on the issues.

270 to Win - Interactive map of electoral college for 2004
Begin by viewing the map as neutral, with 2000 results, or imagined in 2004 (with red,blue and swing states). Toggle to change the colors and determine a strategy

Election Day Simulation - (University of Washington)
Game to teach the electoral process; may take 10 minutes to 6 hours Players choose candidate and campaign staff React to circumstances, issues, crises and geography.  Election results can be analyzed at the end of the game.  Game must be downloaded from web site to a hard drive

President Forever - Download a game that lets you run your own Presidential campaign.

United States Electoral College - (NARA)
Electoral college laws and procedures.  State-by-state electoral college votes, 1789-2000.  Create your own electoral vote scenario

World Issues Resources

Amnesty International

United Nations Home Page