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Church History:

 The Middle Ages: Religion and  More About Religion :  A great introduction to the religion of the Middle Ages.

 Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends :  The Monks Chamber - if Odin doesn't have it in here, it just doesn't exist.  THIS IS AN EXCELLENT SITE - A MUST VISIT.

 Hall of Church History :  Almost as good as Odin's Castle.

 'The Role of the Church' - The role
     of the Church in Anglo-Saxon society.

 Catholic Encyclopedia - If you want to know
     something about Christianity in general, the
     Catholic Church in particular, here is the place to
     look it up. Search alphabetically.

 CIN - Age of Missionaries (500-1000)CIN - Age of Reformers (950-1150)CIN - Age of Teachers (1150-1350)  and  CIN - Age of Critics (1350-1550) :  Lots of great information.

Going On a Pilgrimage: - Pilgrims and pilgrimages :  Some good articles.

 Pilgrimages:  The Geoffrey Chaucer Page :  From Harvard University.

Pilgrims, Crusaders and Merchants: The Mediterranean World 400-1500

 Friar Felix Fabri: Pilgrimages, Relics, and Indulgences by David McNeilly

 Doris Donnelly: Pilgrims and Tourists -- Conflicting Metaphors for the Christian Journey to God :  A rather philosophic look at pilgrimage.

 A CAMINO SANTIAGO FEATURE On the Pilgrimage to Spain

 VIRTOURIST.COM: Santiago de Compostela :  Cool....visit from your home.

 At the Edge archive: Santiago de Compostela

Church in Crisis:

 Crisis in the Church - chronicling the struggle
     between the Catholic church and secular authority in the Middle Ages.

 The Medieval Church and Society,and  Heresy Growth :  Go beginning information on the problems facing the Church.

 Gregory VII, Saint -- Encarta® Concise Encyclopedia Article

 Gregory VII: Lay Investitures Forbidden 1074, 1080 and  Henry IV: Letter to Gregory VII, Jan 24 1076 :  Both primary source documents.  After reading these, read the conclusion to the affair in the  Concordat of Worms 1122

 Creeds and Confessions :  From the Hall of Church History.

The Avignon Papacy 1305-1378 :  From UCLA.  This is a site loaded with information.

 Pope Innocent III and the Great Schism :  Read about the man, the office, the power and the split between the Eastern and Western Catholic Church.  Lots of information.

 Crisis in the Church - Babylonian Captivity and the Great Schism

Protestant Reformation:

 The Protestant Reformation :  Lots of information here, especially on the reformers.

 Timeline of the Protestant Reformation

Martin Luther (1483-1546)

 Project Wittenberg : A site dedicated to Martin Luther and other Lutherans.
 95 Theses (1517) , and  A Treatise on Good Works (1520)


 Notre Dame  The history of the Notre
  Dame cathedral told
  through text and photos.

 Amiens Cathedral This multimedia tour of the
  Amiens cathedral includes
  architectural sketches and
  drawings, a virtual tour of
  the cathedral, and text
  describing the construction
  process.  A MUST SEE SITE!

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