Castle Learning Center  all by Lise Hull.  Good basic information on everything concerning castles and castle life, jobs, etc. THIS IS A MUST SEE SITE.  ONE OF THE BEST ON THE WEB.

 English Medieval Castle**** :  An outstanding site by David Dawson.  Three pages of text, photos, illustrations dealing with the construction and evolution of the English castle.  THIS IS A MUST SEE SITE FOR ALL HISTORY STUDENTS.

LBMS:  The Middle Ages :  WWW Pages by Mr. Mitchell's 7th Grade Students.  Great original artwork and articles.  ANOTHER MUST SEE SITE.

 Castles :  A well done page!

 Journey Through the Middle Ages:  A cute site where you journey through a castle.  Created for kids, but fun for all.

Castle Builder :  The purpose of this website is to enable students to gain insight into the daily  life of the a Medieval Welsh society. Students will also gain a deep understanding of how the Medieval castle played an integral part in the daily  lives of the various classes of Medieval people. It will also help the students gain a superficial understanding of Monarchy, Feudalism, and serfdom.

Castle Related Sites and Information

Life in a Medieval Castle :  What did you want to know?  You can bet you will find it here.  AN EXCELLECT SITE

 "LIFE IN A MEDIEVAL CASTLE":  A nice article on the subject.

 Meet Feurig's daughter Edelfeura  and  Meet Feurig's wife Zeena :  Discover what castle life was like, and meet Feurig's wife Zeena - accept the hospitality of the Noblewoman

 The Middle Ages - Life In Castles :  Good information, but very elementary...literally!

 An Introduction to the Castle and the Surrounding Area  The Castle Gate and Walls  ,  The Great HallThe Kitchen , The Towers: Chapel, Prison, and Bedroom.  and  The SIEGE! :   A SPECTATCULAR SITE.  A MUST VISIT WEB PAGE

Ghosts in the Castle - this is a kid's site from National Geographic that's fun and informative.  Sign in, name your castle and explore the many rooms by following a mouse. Learn about the  structure and the people as you's very basic. Site includes a page of related links and a print out of a "rescue" game. A FUN SITE.

 The Lord and  The Lady

 Life In A Castle : A fantastic site that covers all aspects of castle life.

 The Medieval Castle Page :  Includes sections on the history of the castle, the types of castles, and siege warfare.

 Castles on the Web: A cool site where you can view pictures of castles and do lots more.

 Castle Quest: An Online Game Of Medieval Horror   :  An online interactive game of fantasy. You are the last and only hope for medieval Europe in a time of evil, torture, monsters and magic. You must free the fairy princess from the clutches of the evil queen of Spectral Castle. If you are not successful, doom shall invest the earth for eternity.


 Other Castles Sites on the Web :  A linking page to almost all of the castles of the world, and lots more.

 Blarney Castle :  Ah, Ms. Weidenhaft's favorite........with links to other Irish castles.

Windsor Castle , and  Windsor Castle1 :  Lots of links to the most famous castle of them all.

 The Castles of Wales :  Detailed information on the castles of Medieval Wales.

 Dark Isle - Castles, Manors and Abbeys of Scotland

 The Castles of Germany : A historic tour of the castles and ruins up the Rhein River.

 Roads to Ruins :  An Internet guide to the Medieval fortifications of Germany.

 Medieval Castles in Finland :  Discover a brief history covering the development of medieval architecture in the Nordic country. Includes details on seven well-known castles.

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