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General Information:

ICMA :  International Center of Medieval Art.

 Voice of the Shuttle: Art and Art History Page :  Reliable sources.  If it's not here, it probably doesn't exist.

 Medieval Art and Architecture :  Links to a selection of several dozen photos of a nice variety of medieval art forms, including sculpture, jewelry, illuminations, stained glass, and more, presented online by Michelle Roberts.

 Web Gallery of Art :  This virtual museum and searchable database of artwork from 1200-1700 includes biographies for many artists and offers an electronic postcard service.

 ART HISTORY RESOURCES:  Art of the Middle Ages

 Periods in Art History :  Brief but interesting sections on different periods of art throughout history.

Gothic Art

 Period in Art History: The Gothic

 The International Center of Medieval Art

 Medieval Art and Architecture

 NetSERF: Art :  Good site.

 Aon Celtic Art :  Very good site on Celtic art.

 Tour Medieval Art Museums and Galleries : Too cool.  Well worth a trip.

 Cappella Sistina -- Extended Tour


 Women Artists in the Middle Ages Enlightening article by Stephanie Smith exploring the existence of medieval female artists.

 Herrad of Landsberg

 Caterina dei Vigri

 Limbourg Brothers:  15th Century Flemish illuminators.

 Jan van Eyck

 Medieval Art :  a page with links to various artists.

 Sandro Botticelli and the  Sandro Botticelli Image directory

 Renaissance Artists (World Wide Arts Resources)

Painting: (murals, frescoes, etc.)

WebMuseum: Gothic Painting (1280-1515) :  An informative page from the Web Museum, Paris.

 Danish Medieval Church Murals : A searchable image database which contains about 3000  photos of Danish church murals from the Danish medieval period.

 Frescoes in the Cappella di San Martino of San Francesco in Assisi

 Frescoes in the Upper Church of San Francesco, Assisi


About manuscripts :  Excellent site!

 Bruce Ferrini's Medieval and Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts :  Click on "learn about manuscripts" button.

Medieval Illumination Glossary

 Medieval and Renaissance Book Production: Manuscript Books :  Excellent information.

 History of Scriptoria

 Scriptorium (Vatican Library)

 An Apprentice's Handbook for Illuminated Medieval Manuscripts :  Fabulous site created by Bobbie Jo Hedrick, Class of '98 or Sweet Briar College.   ** A MUST SEE SITE

 Vellum Gallery of Calligraphy, Illumination, and Letter Arts :  Great site.

 Gothic Painting in Illuminated Manuscripts

   A Day in the Life of a Scribe

 Parchment and Vellum Website

 Calligraphy - Art of Beautiful Handwriting  and  Calligraphy Centre

 Society of Scribes and Illuminators

 DScriptorium Home Page :  This place is devoted to collecting, storing and distributing digtal images of Medieval manuscripts.

 The Scriptorium

 Quills and  Vellum Gallery

 Techniques of Illumination :  Excellent page with lots of information on illumination.

 Illumination in the Late Middle Ages

 Book of Kells :  Text only.  or  The Book of Kells : with three stunning examples.

 Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry :  Beautiful, vivid scans of all 201 plates are shown here, with explanatory text and several versions of each plate in different sizes, at the Christus Rex Online Museum

 Art Source International :  Commerical site, but it has good information too.

 Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts Digitised :  Has examples.

 Visualisation of Manuscripts : Full-color examples.


 Gothic Sculpture

 Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Achitecture and Sculpture :  A file of images.

 Gargoyles Then and Now :  Take the tour of French and English cathedrals and view their gargoyles.

 1200 years of Italian sculpture


 Function of Tapestries

 Coptic Tapestries and  The Unicorn Tapestries

 The Bayeux Tapestry and  Bayeux Tapestry

 A Guide to the Bayeaux Tapestry Images

Cartography: (maps)

Cartographic Images Home Page :  A look at Old World maps.

 Early Medieval Maps (400-1300) and  Late Medieval Maps (1300-1500)


 Illuminated Manuscript Images from the Bodleian Library

 Images from the Book of Kells

 Book of Kells and  Book of Kells

 Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts

 Images of the Virgin Mary in Medieval Manuscripts

 Book of Hours from Penn State

 The Age of King Charles V  :  (1338-138O)  1000's of images.

Stained Glass:

 Stained Glass Windows :  Interesting and  little known facts about stained glass, plus gorgeous pictures.

 A History of Stained GlassThe History of Stained Glass , or  History of Stained Glass

 Stained Glass History : Good site.

 Medieval stained glass windows from Esslingen, Germany :  Over 400 stained glass panes dating to the 13th and 14th centuries.

 Stained Glass Page: The Life of Christ :  The 10 images in this collection show the beauty of religious stained glass.

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