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Basic Information:

Medieval Art and Architecture : Good images.

 CATHEDRALS - Gothic Dreams Welcome - An Earthlore Exploration of Gothic Cathedrals :  This is a MUST SEE site.  It covers; Gothic cathedral features, cathedral profiles, a gallery of images of cathedrals, and lts more.

 Early and High Gothic Architecture

 Developments in High Gothic

 Gothic Architecture Beyond France

 The Furnishings of a Gothic Cathedral

 Medieval Church Architecture

 Cathedral Links

 Medieval Architecture in England


  Gothic Cathedrals :  An excellent page to begin to find information on Gothic Cathedrals.

 Medieval English Cathedrals and Churches :  Nine very nice images by Stephen Shepherd, each linking to a much larger and even more vivid graphic, are accompanied by informative text.
 A Tour of Durham Cathedral, England

 A Portfolio of Architectural Photographs Including Notre Dame de Paris

 Amiens Cathedral :  A multimedia site.

 Durham Cathedral Virtual Tour

 Thorn Church, Netherlands

A Photographic Gallery: Cathedrals of Spain and France

Stained Glass Windows - Interesting and
     little known facts about stained glass,
     plus gorgeous pictures.