Altered States of Consciousness


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Hypnosis Biofeedback Meditation

General Information:

 Hypnosis and Altered States

 Altered States of Consciousness Centre

 Sleep and Dreams :  Where we spend
        about one-third of our lives.

 Self-Quiz: States of Consciousness

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 SleepNet :  Everything you wanted to ask
   about sleep but were too tired to ask.

 Sleepless at Stanford :  Gives exceptional information on how sleep effects our waking lives.

 Talk About Sleep: Disorders, News, Information,Forums

 The Sleep Well :  Excellent site with information on all areas of sleep.

 Take The Sleep Test :  38 true/false questions with submit button for results.

The Stanford Primary Care Sleep Education Project

 Self Test :  Provided by Sleep Disorder Centers of America.  38 yes/no questions qith auto analysis.

 In praise of sleep: the best medicine : Answers some basic questions about what happend during sleep. Also good information about depression and sleep.

 How to Sleep Well

 Sleep Disorders Information and  Sleep Disorders and Children

 Sleep Disorders

 Sleep Disorders Home Page

 Sleep/Insomnia Program :  Lots of links to
          all kinds of information.

 Tips for restful sleep

 Sleep /Insomnia Evaluation Program

 What to Do When You Can't Sleep

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 Working (and Playing) with Dreams:  A
   collection of activities related to dream analysis.

 Submit Your Dream to the Dream Doctor :  An email free service.  It's kind of fun to do.  There is also a dream dictionary on the site.

 A Page of Dreams

 Common Questions About Dreams

 Dreams - Dream Central: A source for info
 on dreams, dreaming, dream analysis and
           dream interpretation.

 DreamWeavers Web

 Dream Lover Inc. :  Has a "Dream
    Dictionary to help you interpret your

 Healing Dreams :   takes a
special interest in the use of dreaming for healing

 Nightmares, Dreams & Sleep



 Dreams Having & Analyzing

 The Association for the Study of Dreams

 Welcome to Dr-Dream's Resources for People Who Dream.

 Gothic Skywalker's Dream Analysis Page

 Lucid Dreaming

 The Lucidity Institute : One of the best
       authorities on lucid dreaming.

 Sleep deprivation: The quest for more Zzzz's

 Sleep Deprivation and its Effects

 Sleep and the Teenager

 Sleep Deprivation Physiological

 Overcoming Nightmares

 All About Nightmares

Night Terrors :  Fantastic site with lots of great information.

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 HYPNOSIS.COM :  Lots of great information and links.

 Hypnotherapy: An Overview :  This is an extremely detailed page.

 Hypnosis online in the UK :  Lots of information.

 Hypnosis FAQ

The Principles of Hypnotherapy: the theory of how hypnosis and hypnotherapy work :  Incredible source by Dylan Morgan.  All you ever wanted to know about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

 The Use of Hypnosis in Pain Management

 Hypnotic Induction Techniques

 Past-Life Hypnotic Regression :  Short
 essay by Yale psychology  professor, John
 Kihlstrom, providing his reasons for being
     opposed to such use of hypnosis.

 National Guild of Hypnotists

 The American Board of Hypnotherapy

 American Institute of Hypnotherapy


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 The Biofeedback Network :  An online
  guide to information on biofeedback.  It
        does have some good links.

 Biofeedback Society of New Jersey

 Biofeedback Webzine :  Cool site that
  covers technology, practice and research.

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 Meditation FAQ :  Gives some basics
             about meditation.

 Frequently asked questions about Meditation

 How to Meditate  :  Offers the step-by-step process.

 THE PEACE HOUSE ~ Angels ~ :  The Peace House - A spiritual site of meditation, peace and rest dedicated to angels.

 American Meditation Institute :  Offering
  courses in the teaching and practicing of
 meditation, yoga science and philosophy.


 You Can Learn To Relax

 HealthGuide: Stress - Relaxation Techniques

 Self Relaxation

 Progressive Relaxation

 Picture Yourself's Progressive Relaxation Page

 The Relaxation Response The relaxation response is a bodily state you can trigger by ...

 Progressive Relaxation

 Relaxation Practices 3 - HealthWorld Online

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