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Magellan: Missing in Action, by Laurence Bergreen : Great article by a noted Magellan historian.

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Life at Sea:  Check out life at sea section, and others.  Lots of good information here.

Magellan's Voyage

Life at Sea in the Time of Magellan

Magellan's Voyage Around the World Part 1: The Story Before the Voyage and Part 2: The Voyage Itself and Part 3: The End of the Voyage

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Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Magellan, Explorer to the Pacific Region

LIST OF SURVIVORS OF Magellan's Ship The Trinidad

Magellan's Voyage Around the World Part 1: The Story Before the Voyage

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Magellan's voyages on the Trinidad, Conception, Victoria and Santiago

Navigation and Mapping
Scurvy During Magellan's Voyage:  The citation is rather complex for this source, so I have the correct citation below.
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Antonio Pigafetta (
"Antonio Lombardo")

FYI Antonio Pigafetta, First Round-the-World PR Man - BBA Communications

The Mariners' Museum EXPLORATION through the AGES

Francesco Antonio Pigafetta

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Pigafetta and Magellan's Voyage

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The Antonio Pigafetta the world knows who is not

Juan Sebastian de Elcano
(de Cano)

The Remaining of the Voyage: How del Cano finished Magellan's voyage.

 First Circumnavigation of the Globe by Magellan: 1519-1522: read the tale end of the article.

Juan Sebastian Elcano:  I hate Wikipedia, but this is a good entry.

Famous Hispanics Juan Sebastian de Elcano

Biography of Juan Sebastián Elcano

  Juan Sebastian Elcano

Primary Sources

Modern History Sourcebook: Magellan's Voyage Round the World, 1519-1522 CE

Magellan's Voyage

Magellan's Voyage by Pigafetta

Pigfetta's Account of Magellan's Voyage: Again, I hate Wiki... but this gives part of the account.

(1520)John Fiske's Account