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Akhet - A fantastic site on egyptology

 CMCC - Mysteries of Egypt - Egyptian civilizationSUPER Cool site.  YOU HAVE TO SEE IT.

 NM's Creative Impulse..Egypt

 The River Nile

History of Egypt

 Egypt - Guardian's Egypt - Main Gate  :  The best site for information on Egypt.

 Alexandria, Egypt :  Exceptional site.

 Memphis, Egypt 2550 BC :  info on this site
     includes page on each of the following -
     Introduction, The Nile Valley, Traveling in
     Egypt, Life of the Privileged, Pyramids, Other
     Sights, The World of Egyptian Art - The
     Golden Age of Memphis in 2550 BC is brought
     to life in the historical novel The Scribe's
     Family, by Don Jacobson.

Who's Who of Egypt

General Egypt

Ancient Egypt



Rulers of Ancient Egypt

 Egyptian Kings**** :  wonderful historical
     find. One page time line of all the pharaohs, with
     almost every one linked to a separate bio page.
     And most of those have interesting links to

List of Egyptian Pharaohs and Information About Them

The Woman Who Was King - Hatshepsut


 Hatshepsut: The Queen who would be King

Hatshepsut (Maatkare)

The Napoleon of Ancient Egypt - Thutmose III

Thutmose I (Akheperkare)

The The Last great Pharaoh - Ramses III

Usr-Maat-Ra-Setep-en-Ra - Ramses II


Amarna Period - Amenhotep III and Akhenaton

 People of the Amarna Period : wonderful
     pages relating the "soap opera" lives of the
     Akhenaten, Nefertiti and Tut set. Be sure to
     follow the links in the text to get nice bios. of
     each. Site includes some Amarna Art and some
     links to other pages at the bottom.

Amenhotep IV / Akhenaten

 Akhenaton: Ancient Revolutionary

 Akhet-Aten Home Page : Interesting read on
     a very mysterious subject. Who was
     Akhenaten, where is he buried, who was his
     successor?...Nice attractive page but the
     mystery remains after you leave. Several good
     links to follow at the bottom of the page.

 Earthlore Pharaoh Akhenaton


 Life of King Tut

 The Tut Page :  by Anthony C. DiPaolo -
     Great resource...history, info, fonts, images,
     links and much, much more

 In The Tomb of Tutankhamun

 The Death of Pharaoh :  King Tut.

Horemheb (Djeserkheperure)

Ramses II - Pharaoh of Egypt
Ramesses II (Usermaatresetepenre)

 The Last great Pharaoh : Ramses II

Menes (Aha)

Khufu (Cheops)

The Nefertiti Exhibition


Cleopatra, the Last Pharaoh

 Cleopatra :  This biography is longer and gives many
     details necessary to the understanding of the
     political situation that existed in her Egypt.



Amenhotep III



Egypt - Images of notable architecture

 Marvels of Ancient Egyptian Art at Museums around the World

 CMCC - Egyptian civilization - Architecture :  FANTASTIC SITE!

 Egyptian Artists

 History of glass industry



Mummy FAQ- Basic information about mummies.

 The Virtual Mummy

The Fruity Pharaohs-A Lesson About Mummification

 3-D Mummy Reconstruction

Digital Mummies

Who Was Among The Royal Mummies?

Cyber Mummy Project

Mummies in the Egyptian Museum - Ramses II



Saqqara Pyramids

 Walking Tour of Saqqara : Click your way through the pyramid complex at ancient Saqqara!

Giza Pyramids

Temple of Karnak

Monuments in Egypt

 Pyramid of Menkaura - Guardian's Giza - Guardian's Egypt

NOVA Online/Pyramids -- The Inside Story The Egyptian Pyramid

The Pyramids of Egypt

The Valley of the Kings excavation

Pyramid Book Reference List

 In The Tomb of Tutankhamun : Learn about the discovery and preservation of Tut's tomb.

 Eighteenth Dynasty: King Tut'ankhamun: View some of the treasures form Tut's tomb through this virtual museum site.

 Part One: The death of Pharaoh , Part Two: The Death of Nebkheperure , and  Appendix A: Notes :  Interesting reading.

Part ONE : October 28-December 31, 1922
 Part TWO : January 1-May 31, 1923

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Djoser Step Pyramid Complex

 Treasures of the Sunken City : Learn all about how a French archaeologist and his team discovered the Pharos lighthouse, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient
World, underwater, just offshore from the modern city of Alexandria in Egypt. Brought to you by Nova

 Secrets of the Lost Tomb : visit the tomb of
     the sons of Ramses II - Egyptologist Kent
     Weeks of the American University in Cairo
     here offers the first Western glimpse of what
     may be the biggest and most complex tomb
     ever found in Egypt

 Royal Tombs of the New Kingdom :  lots of
     information, pictures, diagrams and links to
     other relevant sites. Very nice site

 Tomb of Menna : "This system lets you find
     out about the ancient Egyptian tomb of
     Menna. You'll be able to make a virtual
     reality visit to the tomb and see what it
     looked like in 1916." Dr. William L.
     Mitchell Department of Computing,
     Manchester Metropolitan University

 Tomb of Senneferi :  very interesting site
     containing info on - Introduction, Where is the
     tomb?, Senneferi and his family, a Brief history,
     Later Reuse, Architecture, Wall paintings,
     Conservation, Excavation, Finds from the tomb,
     Publications, Information and a Quicktime VR
     movies - site by Nigel Strudwick

 Tombs of the Unknown WorkersREALLY COOL SITE .  "Egyptians are fast solving an age-old
     mystery: Who built the great pyramids of
     Giza, and how did they do it? Historians
     have speculated that slave labor dragged the
     heavy stone blocks into place to fashion the
     gigantic structures. Still others have
     suggested the builders were aliens from
     outer space. But six years ago, a tourist
     literally stumbled onto a major clue when
     her horse slipped on a buried structure south
     of the Giza plateau". ...from CNN - read all
     about it.



 Papyrology Home Page

 Papyrus Plant in Ancient History

Hieroglyphic Writing

Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Reading Hieroglyphics - The First Step

A Little Egyptian Reading Book

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Hieroglyph Translator Page

Serge Rosmorduc's Hieroglyphic Converter - Use this to see your name written in hieroglyphics.

Laurent Wacrenier's Hieroglyphic Converter - Try your name.  This one usualy works the best.



 Odyssey in Egypt****  :  excellent site that
     allows the viewer to be with a group of young
     archaeologist as they explore the sights of
     Egypt. Their 10 week Odyssey is recounted
     with all their victories and frustrations.(There's
     even a Quick Time Movie of Events) This is a
     must see for all students.

 The Palace of Rameses :  part of the Virtual
     Study Tour - see computer generated images of
     the temple. Very nice and worth the trip BUT if
     you click on the Short Animated Sequence --it
     takes about 20+ minutes to load the Quick
     Time Movie

 The Pharaonic Village :  take a step back in
     time via the click of a mouse...see sights along
     the ancient Nile - read an interesting text about
     a tour offered to visitors to isn't like
     being there but some interesting info and images

CyberJourney To Egypt - Guardian's Egypt

 Guardian's Egypt In The Round :  360 degree panoramic views of various sites in Egypt.

Color Tour of Egypt : Browse a clickable map to vist and read about famous Egyptian sites.

 Pilgrimage to Abydos :  Super site, Second
     program in the World Art Treasures Series.
     Click on the numbers on the floorplan and
     retrace the steps of the priests through the
     temple Beautiful recreation-- if you click the
     glossary links you get a short history lesson and
     one link will take you to a reference to the
     Abydos Passion Plays (thought to be the first
     dramatic presentations in History)

Virtual Museum

 Ramesseum :  nice site with history of the
     Temple of Ramses plus images, virtual tour and more.

 Secrets of the Lost Tomb :  visit the tomb of
     the sons of Ramses II - Egyptologist Kent
     Weeks of the American University in Cairo
     here offers the first Western glimpse of what
     may be the biggest and most complex tomb
     ever found in Egypt




 Ancient Egypt Medicine :  Brief but interesting page.

 CMCC - Egyptian civilization - Sciences - MedicineSuper cool site.

 Medicine in Old Egypt

 Medicine in Ancient Egypt

 Medicine in Ancient Egypt Daily Life

 Ancient Egyptian Medicine

 Peseshet - First Woman Doctor in World History

 World-Famous Inji Eflatoun :  An article titled, "For Every Malady, Cure.  Interesting article on Egyptian medicine.



 Egypt: Daily Life

Life in Ancient Egypt

 Bounty of Black Earth

 Education and Learning in Ancient Egypt

 Egyptian Education - CultureNet

 Dress, Adornment, Body Care


Status of Women in Ancient Egyptian Society

 Marriage, Standing of Women

 Ancient Egypt - CultureNet

Understsanding Ancient Egyptian Beliefs

 Ancient Egypt -The Mythology

Egyptian Mythology

 Egyptian Mythology (FAQs)

 Thoth, the God of Science & Writing and  More on Thoth

 Ptah, the Universal Architect