Seige and Fall of Jerusalem

As the army prepared to set out for Jerusalem from Tripoli, the King of Tripoli gave the Frankish army many supplies with which to sustain the army. He also agreed that of the crusaders should defeat the Saracens, he would convert to Christianity, for the opposing army was very large. The crusaders then set out through a number of cities and villages, all the while nearing their final goal, Jerusalem.

When they did finally reach Jerusalem, they began to besiege it and recon the area. as they made camp, they met a hermit who told them that they should attack the muslims on the ninth hour of the following day. But they protested, saying that they didn't have the supplies nor the siege machines necessary to launch an offensive. The hermit simply replied,"God is all powerful. If he wills, he could storm the wall with one ladder. The Lord aides those who labor for the truth." So, on the ninth hour of the following day, the Franks attacked the city walls and drove the muslims back into the inner walls. The crusaders would have captured the entire city on this day, but fear and confusion prevented this and many men were lost. Another attack wasn't launched for many days in order to recover and reorganize.

During this time, the men were hungry and thirsty, for thier own supplies were running low after such a long journey. Shortly before the crusaders reached Jerusalem, the Muslims dammed the creeks and rivers and dumped rotting animals into the wells and cisterns. The only fresh water in the area was the Pool of Siloam, where, according to the Bible, Jesus gave a blind man his sight. When the Saracens noticed that the crusaders were going to the pool unarmed, the Muslims launched an ambush on the crusaders and killed many men and drove away the flocks and cattle.

When the army was reassembled they, using siege machines, breached the walls and slaughtered all the Muslims that they found, sparing neither women nor children. When the crusaders arrived at the Temple of Solomon, there at least ten thousand men, women, and children atop the temple. They were all shot with arrows and killed. The blood of the slaughtered people covered the feet and ankles of the crusaders. All the Muslims in the entire city were killed. None were spared nor taken prisoner, regardless of age.

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