A Basic HTML Tutorial by a Novice

Many people these days get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction out of having their own homepage on the world wide web. The homepage can be used for both business and personal purposes. Many far-flung families use their home pages to post information to keep other family members informed about current events or photographs. Some people just like the challenge of learning how to create web pages.

There seems to be a zillion programs on the market these days that one can use to create web pages without knowing anything about the underlying HTML (HyperText Markup Language) code that controls how the web browser displays the information on the web page. MS Front Page and Netscape Communicator are just two of the many programs that do the job. But, for those who wish to do it from scratch or be able to tweak the pages created by HTML Editors, it is necessary to know a little bit about how to use the HTML code.

The link below leads to a series of pages which seek to give the reader some basic procedures for creating a web page from scratch. It is not a professional job by any means, but check it out anyway. As with any worthwhile endeavor, learning how to create web pages with HTML requires a certain amount of self-study and lots of experimentation. The RACUG web site includes a number of links to good HTML tutorials. Click Here if you would like to check out one of those links now. Also, your own ISP will likely have links to HTML tutorials listed on its home page.
Click Here to start our own tutorial. Good luck.