Basic HTML Tags - Page 3

Putting "Line Breaks" (carriage return and line feed) in a web page.

Normally, when we type on a computer we can start a new line
by pressing the "enter" key. That won't work with web browsers because
browsers require a tag for that function. This can be done
with the HTML line break (br) tag. To shorten the lines of
text below we place the br tag wherever we want a new line to
begin, as shown below. <html> <head> <title>Page 3</title> </head> <body> This is an example of text placed on a web page. <br> The quick brown fox jumped over the <br>lazy dog's back 0123456789 times. <br> That sentence is one used many years ago <br>by teletype repairmen to test <br> their machines because it uses all 26 <br>letters of the alphabet and all 10 digits. </body> </html>

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