Basic HTML Tags - Page 1

Basic HTML Tags Used With Every Web Page.

Following are the sequence of tags used in a simple web page:

<html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body></body> </html>
Web pages are displayed best using HTML code.
  • HTML code is expressed as "tags."
  • HTML tags are typed as text.
  • HTML tags always begin with a left bracket (<)
             and end with a rignt brackt (>), as shown above.
  • Most HTML tag sequences require an opening tag,
    and a closing tag. Closing tags are preceded with a
    forward slash (/), as shown above.
  • HTML files are saved as text files with the .html extension.
  • HTML files are created with applications that can save a file
    in text format, such as NOTEPAD, WORDPAD, MSWORD, etc.
  • It is the HTML tags that tell the browser how to
    display the text on a web page.
  • Title tags are part of the head in an HTML document.
    Text that appears between the opening and closing head tags
    is not displayed by a browser.
  • HTML tags can be written in either upper or lower case.

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