From Jake at the May 2009 meeting:

Websites of interest:








Google Maps Street View (little yellow man)

Click on Google, click on MAPS and type in an address.

Click the yellow "Pegman" that appears at the top of the zoom slider on the left, and drag him onto the map to see Street View imagery where it's available. Simply drop him in any blue area to see imagery.

- When looking at a Street View image, you'll notice a mini-map in the
bottom right-hand corner. You can expand this map to enter split
screen mode, which will allow you to navigate around the map while
seeing Street View imagery at the same time.

- To navigate within an image you can still click and drag the image
itself. However, you can also use the navigation control arrows in
the upper left-hand corner and also rotate the image using the scroll
wheel. (taken from Google Maps Help)

Firefox Download Helper instructions:

Open Firefox

Click on Tools

Click on Add-Ons

Click on Get Add-Ons

Click on Browse all Add-Ons

Choose Download Management on the left side of the page

Choose or search for Video Download Helper

Click on Add to Firefox

Click on Install Now

Restart Firefox

To download a video after you've installed Download Helper:

Example: find a YouTube video and right click in the white portion below the video. Choose Download Helper, choose Media, left click on the name of the video and save it to your computer.

JANUARY 2, 2008

Besides a great question and answer session, Jake discussed the installation of a wireless router.

DECEMBER 5, 2007

This time Jake came loaded with great and valuable information. He not only explains, demonstrates and answers questions about hardware and software, he brings on cd copies of the programs he discusses.
Following is part of what he shared with us: a free unzip program, a dvd playing program similar to power dvd, a computer software cleanup program, a program to play back movie files, a program to download tv programs to be seen later, a funny screen saver, a utility program to find out what is running in your pc and what might be slowing performance, a program for turning on of off programs at star-up, a utility program for keeping a backup copy of documents and the link from a file folder from a usb flash drive, an on-line tv-radio music player and recorder, and many other things which I forgot and/or probably didn't understand. He also demonstrated Microsoft's Virtual PC, which enables you to have a computer within your computer which you can use and not affect your computer in any way. Pretty powerful.

NOVEMBER 7, 2007

Our new member, Jake Martin, had another very informative question and answer session. In addition to that, he introduced us to "Open Office", which is a free-ware equivalent of Microsoft Office. On top of that he brought a few cd's containing seven very useful and entertaining programs, which he discussed and demonstrated.

In general, the programs were freeundelete, a media player, a computer process explorer, a screen saver site, a program that enables you to see live tv throughout the world, a highly entertaining "stress" reducer, and Open Office. WELCOME TO OUR GROUP JAKE.

OCTOBER 3, 2007

A guest to our meeting, Jake Martin, conducted a great question and answer session.
He works for Mary Ellen and he is highly knowledgeable in the computer field.


Mary Ellen Marshall demonstrated loading XP Professional onto the new computer that was built during the June meeting

AUGUST 1, 2007

An informal "non-technical" discussion was held on the parking lot, because we were locked out of RTI.

JUNE 6, 2007

Mary Ellen and George, en amployee of hers, put together, from scratch, a pretty powerful computer. It worked !

MAY 2, 2007

Mary Ellen discussed all the components that make up a computer and their cost. All these components will be put together during our next meeting