Holy Family School
New Rochelle, NY

The Fabulous '40s




CLICK HERE to view photos from Holy Family "Alumni/ae" party
in New Rochelle on June 18, 2005.


Thanks to Margaret, Debby and Donna
for sending these pictures along.

The party marked the closing of Holy Family School
and a GOOD TIME was had by all!!!




Yes, and how very often, as we sat in those polished, well-worn pews, did we lift our eyes unto you, Oh Lord, wishing that we could be somewhere else?

Anywhere else?

At the Peppermint Room, perhaps, as Joe Kryla slid a Cherry Coke in our direction and we watched Emmy Lou Toth from that pagan public high school dancing with some guy in an Iona maroon and gold letter sweater?

Or maybe slipped a nickel in the Wurlitzer ourselves to hear "The Lady from Twenty-Nine Palms" or the Harmonicats playing "Peg O'My Heart?"

Yes, those were the days, my friends, and all of us who skinned our knees in the churchyard and ascended the winding gray staircases to our drab classrooms at Holy Family School will never forget them. The good news is that anyone who learned to dance Friday nights on those tilted red floor tiles on the church rooftop could waltz with ease on any other surface in the world.

So just in case you'd forgotten, we're here to remind you of those wonderful times you spent eluding Dominican Justice and repressing puberty at venerable old HFS on New Rochelle's Mayflower Avenue during the '40s.

To spark your memory, here's a pic (click here) of our 1947 graduating class, bright-eyed and believing, poor souls. When you're finished there, follow the links to the next page (Photo page) and, if you have any period pix to add to that page, let's have them! We'll scan 'em in and get them right back to you! (Or e-mail them as an attachment if you can.)

We're starting this page with the Class of '47, but hopefully will add others from those Fabulous Forties. We'd love to hear from anyone in any class!






UPDATED December 2008

Many thanks to those who have contacted us with information about our former classmates.
We will post this information here in NEWSNOTES as we receive it.

Belatedly, just learned of the death of Jackie Mimnaugh in June 2008. One of the best!
See http://www.corcoranfuneralhome.com/obit.htm#mimnaugh

Rita Dempsey Dieck, living in Newtown CT

Mary Tebolt DeBona (Spencertown NY) - -Mary, her husband Jerry and son and daughter attended the infamous HFS reunion in New Rochelle. See photo page for pictures.),

Other old friends who have passed on, some recently and some quite a few years ago. These include Kathy Cron, Mike Russell, Bob Armstrong, Bob Shaw and Tom Dixon.

What's happening in the lives of all the other '47 grads? Heard about getting blood out of a stone? Well, we do hear some bits and pieces, but unlike those who distribute the evening news as Gospel, the fact is we really aren't sure who is doing what! (Hint, hint, TELL US!)

BUT...these are some of the items we HAVE heard (not presented here as fact!):

Pat Mcguire Miller lives in Cincinnati and stays in touch with Mary Agnes Fitzgerald Shelley (New Rochelle). Joan Donnelly is still a Holy Family parishioner and teaches English. Buddy McAndrew lives up in Falmouth on Olde Cape Codde and we thank Jerry Bartnett (Notre Dame '55) for that item and also for helping jog our memory on first names (!).

Mary Tormey is a member of the Sisters of Charity and (we believe) at the Church of the Resurrection in Rye NY. Barbara Brophy lives in CA and is the Mom of six children. Ann Martin lives in the Syracuse NY area and is the head of the French department there.

Eileen Langan also resides on Cape Cod (Brewster). Paul Twomy lives on Long Island. Pat Bachman lives in Larchmont and Helen Lovell lives in Bronxville. Tom Reid lives on Long Island and worked for Grumman. Vin Dunn lives on Webster Ave. in New Rochelle and is retired from the insurance business.

Finally, if you have some information for posting here - - or want to correct any erroneous assumptions we have made, please contact either of the following:

John Konvalinka (Retired) at 24 Gordon Way Princeton NJ 08540 (609-924-9742/7087 - - email:jkonvalinka@msn.com) or Pete Connolly at 304 Rolling Hills, New Haven, MO 63068 (573 459-6774 or email: ptrcon@fidnet.com).


(Awash in all this "Memories" hoop-la, Pete recently did one of his weekly columns for the Washington Missourian on this site. Click here.)


(Time out for a commercial):

Click here to preview "When Shadows Fell at Notre Dame," by Pete Connolly HFS '47. Book available on-line and in major bookstores.

( Don't let your kids read it. )

Click Here to obtain a copy of "The Last Slider," an earlier (374-page) novel by Connolly. It's a fictional treatment of submarines and subterfuge and a lot of the action takes place in good old New Rochelle (some of it back in the '40s), as well as a southeastern Connecticut shipyard.