Reaper Ratguys

One of the neat things about Reaper is that they made a few mounted 'verminites.' These guys are from the Dungeon Dwellers line which consists mainly of dead cheap recasts of old Heritage stuff. However, the verminites, mouslings, and rodentials are new sculpts (I believe). Some of the critters on this page are no longer in production, but I've been informed that they (Reaper) are a reasonable lot and if they have the mould, then they'll make a casting for you. In my experience with them, I bet that's true.

Everything on this page is a verminite, except for the last image which is a wererat.

These guys have all been gloss-coated for protection against the occasional moron at a role-playing session. As you can see, I gave the lot of them big, pink noses.

This page currently under construction.

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