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Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Trail - Greater St. Louis Area Council, BSA.

Location: The trailhead is located on Forest Road 2397 off County Road P, southwest of Potosi, Missouri. The trail is not marked - see comments below. South on Route P from Potosi 10.1-miles to Forest Road 2397 then left (east) .2-mile to the trailhead (Point A on the trail guide).

Distance: 10-mile Loop with a 4-mile optional extension.

Water: Water may be available in the intermittent streams and must be treated.

Parking: Parking is limited to pulling off the Forest Road. There is not a prepared parking area or wasn't when I was there last.

Comments: This trail is sponsored and maintained by the Greater St. Louis Area Council (GSLAC), BSA (1-800-392-0895, ask for Camping). You can obtain reservations and maps from the GSLAC office. However, the trail is totally within the Mark Twain National Forest. Since this trail is located within the National Forest, backpacking and camping are allowed along this trail. This trail remains unique among the Boy Scout sponsored trails as there is no path. It is setup as a map and compass trail and you will be given a map with directions to get from point to point along the trail. Of course, from being hiked on a regular basis there always seems to be a path leading off from each point but the points are occasionally changed so be sure and get a current map and directions. If you have a GPS unit to try out then this would be a good trail to try while the leaves are gone off the trees. I have hiked the trail with and without the leaves on and it will give you good practice with you map and compass anytime. There was a picturesque beaver lake at one point the first time that I hiked the trail but the beavers had moved out when I returned later for a hike - who knows - they could be back.

Maps: Trail maps (compass directions) are available from the Greater St. Louis Area Council, Boy Scouts of America noted above. Quad sheets: Palmer and Shirley, MO, 7-1/2 minute USGS 1:24000 Quadrangle.

Cautions: Summertime ticks and heat, bring plenty of water.


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