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John J. Audubon Trail- Greater St. Louis Area Council, BSA.

Location: Between Womack, Missouri (Hwy T) and Clearwater, Missouri (Hwy W) along Forest Road 2199, Ste. Genevieve County.

Distance: 12 Mile figure-eight Trail

Water: Water may or may not be available along the trail from the intermittent streams, depending on the weather conditions so bring plenty.

Parking: Overnight parking is available at the center of the figure-eight of the trail along Forest Road 2199 as it crosses Bidwell Creek. Camping is available at this location on a first-come basis. Since this is in the National Forest, camping is permitted anywhere along the trail as long as you or your group get well away from the trail and any potential water source. There is an excellant location to camp along Coldwater Creek at the very eastern point on the trail.

Comments: This trail is sponsored and maintained by the Greater St. Louis Area Council (GSLAC), BSA (1-800-392-0895, ask for Camping). You can obtain reservations and maps from the GSLAC office. However, the trail is totally within the Mark Twain National Forest. The trail is laid out in forest for the most part but you will pass through some glades. There is no 'spectacular' scenery along the trail but the solitude and forest are very appealing. You will enjoy the area. It makes for a nice day hike as well as a short 2-day backpacking trip.

Maps: Trail maps are available from the Greater St. Louis Area Council, Boy Scouts of America noted above. A Mark Twain Nation Forest Map of the area can be obtained from the Potosi Ranger Station (573-438-5427). Quad sheet: Womack, MO, 7-1/2 minute USGS 1:24000 Quadrangle.

Cautions: Summertime ticks and heat, bring extra water. After a heavy rain portions of the trail and the Forest Road can get flooded and be slick from snow and ice in the winter.


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