Hi and Welcome ! Below is the recipe for Hudson Bay Bread that the Boy Scouts give out to canoer/portagers at their base camp in Ely, MN on the Boundary Waters. I have had some requests for it so I decided to post it here so that anyone can use it. It is really good and makes a good snack out canoeing or backpacking. - Danny


1-1/2 lbs. margarine or butter 
4 cups of sugar 
2/3 cup Karo syrup 
2/3 cup honey 
2 tsp. maple flavoring 

Cream together the above ingredients. 

Add while mixing: 

1-1/2 cups of ground nuts 
19 cups of oatmeal 

Spread in a large sheet pan. Press it down into the pan. Bake at 325 degrees in a wind oven
for 15-18 minutes. As soon as the bread has been taken from the oven, use a spatula to 
press it down again. This presses the bread together to keep it from crumbling. 
Cut it while still warm. 

Fo home-size preparation, cut this recipe at least in half. A conventional oven requires a 
longer baking time.

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