Danny's Missouri Backpacking & Hiking Trails Reviews

Updated 8 May 1999

Berryman Trail - Mark Twain National Forest

Location: North of Berryman, Missouri (a spot along Hwy 8, 16 miles west of Potosi or 19 miles east of Steelville).

Distance: 24 Miles Roundtrip

Water: Water is available at three locations/campsites: an artesian well at a trailcamp 5-1/2 miles from the Berryman trailhead (going clockwise), a spring near the stock pond at the Harman Spring trailcamp, and from Brazil Creek at the Brazil Creek campground. All water must be treated or filtered !

Parking: Overnight parking is available at the Berryman and Brazil Creek trailheads/campgrounds.

Comments: This trail is great for 2-day and 2-1/2 day trips if you can get started on a Friday afternoon. The trail is very woodsey and the chances of seeing deer and turkey are good. Drawbacks on the trail are the fact that it is also used as a horse trail and more recently mountain bikers are using it more frequently. However, you would see few, if any persons, during the week. The main trailhead at the Berryman Camp offers plenty of parking but has NO water. The other trailhead at the Brazil Creek campground is short on parking and the only water has to be taken from the creek. The trail crosses the creek here and it can be a problem when the creek is flowing full. The longest stint on the trail without water is hiking from the Brazil Creek campground back to the Berryman Campground going clockwise. This is a ten-mile portion of the trail that is 'dry'. You can also make a nice day-hike by hiking west (counter clock-wise) from the Brazil Creek Campground to the Harman Spring trailcamp and then continuing on to the road and following the road back to the Brazil Creek Campground. This is a very nice section of the trail. There has been some clear cutting along portions of the trail as logging continues in the area. You can camp anywhere along the trail as long as you camp the proper distance from the trail. Many of the intermittant streams will have some flowing water in a rainy season.

Maps: Trail maps available from the Potosi Ranger District (573-438-5427), Highway 8 West, P.O. Box 188, Potosi, MO 63664. Quad sheet: Berryman, MO, 7-1/2 minute USGS 1:24000 Quadrangle. The trail and campgrounds are actually marked on the 1978 copy that I have.

The Berryman Trail is written up in the May 1999 Backpacker Magazine featuring the Central (States) Hiking Guide. However, the picture depicting the Berryman Trail is actually around Johnson Shut-ins and not the Berryman Trail.

Cautions: Summertime ticks and heat, bring plenty of water for the ten-mile section. The trail can get impassable at Brazil Creek campground.


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