Here is a timeline I created of the life and death of Vasco da Gama.

1469: Vasco da Gama is born to Estevao da Gama and Idsabel Sodre

July 8, 1497: Vasco da Gama and his 4 ships leave from Port Tagus in Lisbon, Portugal under the order of King Manuel I to find a water route to India

Between 7/8/97 & 11/7/97: da Gama and his crew reach the Cape Verde Islands

November 7, 1497: Da Gama's crew reach the Cape of Good Hope, and dock at St. Helena's Bay

November 22, 1497: Da Gama and his crew round the Cape of Good Hope

March 2, 1498: Vasco's ships land in Mozambique, an east African country, to restore on their food and supplies

May 20, 1498: The ships reach Calcut, India

August 29, 1498: Vasco da Gama departs from Calicut, India with five Indian hostages, outraged with the lack of trading India wanted to participate in with Portugal

1499: On the way back in the Indian Ocean, Sao Rafael (one of the ships), was burned because of the lack of crew, many people died from scurvy

March 20, 1499: The ships reach the Cape of Good Hope on their journey home

September 9, 1499: Da Gama's ship returns to Libson, Portugal

Either earlier or previous to da Gama's return (event not recorded) the other two ships returned. The three ships had gotten separated in a storm just off the African coast.

1500: King Manuel I sends a second fleet for more spices lead by Captain Pedro Alvares Cabral

1500: Cabral discovers Brazil by sailing to far west

1501: some of Cabral's men are left behind in India to retrieve more spices, these men are massacred by the Moors

February 1502: Da Gama recieves 20 ships from King Manuel I to return to India

1502: Da Gama destroys the port at Calcut for revenge from the massacre of Cabral's men

October 1503: Da Gama's second group of ships return to Libson, Portugal with many spices

1519: Vasco da Gama was made a count by King John III

1524: King John III sends Vasco back to India

Christmas Eve, 1524: Vasco da Gama dies while in Cochin, India. Vasco's body is brought to Portugal for a proper ceremony, his body is buried at the Convent of Our Lady of the Relics

1880: The remains of Vasco da Gama are dug up and moved from original grave at the Convent of Our Lady of the Relics, to the Monistary of Jeronimos. This is done in respect for Vasco da Gama, for he is given the privilege of resting in peace along side many of the Portuguese kings.