Here are some links to other great
Vasco da Gama sites.
Here is the Catholic Encyclopedia's description of da Gama and his life
This is another students (Brian Elliot) essay on Vasco da Gama
Here is a site which talks about Vasco's voyage to India and Bartolomeu Dias' voyage to The Cape of Good Hope
This site explains an overview of Vasco's entire life (very good)
Here is a good description of da Gama's background
This site includes many pictures of things surrounding Vasco da Gama, this site also gives a good description of his voyages
Here is a very short description of Vasco da Gama and a map of his voyage
This site is a tribute to the 500 year anniversary of Vasco da Gama finding a trade route to India
Here is a site mainly dedicated to pictures surrounding the life of Vasco da Gama
This site has a link to my page, along with many other web pages about different explorers from this time period
(This site is excellent)