August 29, 1498: Today we started our voyage home from India. Along with me I have five new guests, all from India. I wasn’t planning on taking them when I first arrived, it just sort of happened. When I first arrived in Calicut, as I had wrote earlier I was taken to the ruler of India, as I had found out later, his name was Samudrin Raja. Well, after being taken to the ruler, I tried to trade my mirrors and beautiful glass pearls, but the ruler told me he only traded for precious stones, pearls, and other spices. For the next month I tried strenuously to trade my items for their spices. The trading did not go as I had expected it would. The Indians were stubborn about trading their spices away. Finally about a week ago I just got to frustrated with their stubbornness, and had to result to violence. I took five hostages upon by boat, and made the Indians trade their spices for my wonderful items. After taking the spices and not giving back the hostages our crew set sail for home.