July 7, 1497: I am starting this log before I set sail tomorrow so I can record many of the things that have happened prior to now. I have been given the responsibility of four ships, the Sao Gabriel, Sao Rafael, Berrio, and a supply ship. These ships have been given to me by the order of King Manuel I. The King has ordered me to find a water route from Portugal to India. Along with these four ships, King Manuel I has assigned me 170 men, mainly middle class to lower class people, not including myself, to go on this voyage. Our first stop on our tip will be at the Cape Verde Islands, where we will restock on supplies the we will need for the trip to Cape of Good Hope. To get to the cape we will be traveling far away from the coast to escape the winds and waves created by the shores. To navigate this far away from land I, along with another pilot, will be navigating the journey using a compass, an astrolabe, and astronomical charts. I cannot make an estimate on how long I feel the trip will last, for I have not a clue how far India is away from the Cape of Good Hope. Now I must get sleep, for I will be to excited for any rest tomorrow, so I will close the first entry in my journal praying for good weather tomorrow.