Ozark Region MO Railroad Time Tables

On this site you will find time table information pertaining to the operation of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific Railroads in east central Missouri.

I provide an audio stream of Ozark Region of Missouri BNSF and UP radio traffic to the www.railroadradio.net and try to keep this stream up and running continuously unless we have thunderstorms or the electric drops out while I am at work. I usually eat lunch most days at home so I can restore the stream depending on circumstances.  Please feel free to post questions at www.railroadradio.net pertaining to stream and its coverage

The UP Jefferson city sub has around 60 trains a day...coal-intermodal-merchandise-local- and 4 amtraks...you will hear mostly the dispatcher but on good weather days you will hear some coherent conversation between train and dispatcher or MOW---on the BNSF Cuba sub there are 6-8 trains a day depending on which day of week...intermodal-merchandise-local-(cuba turn) occasional coal trains for springfield, mo. and various detours off the bnsf river and thayer subdivisions...on both the bnsf and up the locals are over one day and back the next..coverage on the bnsf cuba sub is very good with almost allways coherent communications between trains-maintenance of way and the dispatcher..Please note there are only 2 detectors heard. and they are on the BNSF Cuba Sub at MP 57.9(anaconda, mo) and 78.8(leasburg,mo)the leasburg detector is sometimes weather sensitive...usually allways picked up at night..the 57.9 detector is recieved 100% of the time.. .the equipment being used is as follows....the antenna is a cushcraft ringo ranger II 5/8 wave with radials..tip top is about 60 to 62 feet above ground....coax cable is low loss rg213 single run to station in basement...reciever is an icom 2100 h transciever which covers about 136-174 mhz on recieve...transmitt is locked out..i do have an rf concepts preamp in circuit but i keep it off...then its on to the computer....for streaming to website...

Thanks for listening Bob Zucco


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