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When we started our sheep flock, we made the mistake of letting the sheep graze at night. After several attacks by coyotes and dogs, we upgraded from our aging Heinz 57 to a purebred Great Pyrenees puppy. The puppy was a pleasure to have around. Mild mannered around people, the future matriarch would alert us to possible predators. Now, years later, she is in her waning years, but has produced several litters of fine dogs that have assisted her in guarding the sheep and farm. No sheep have been lost to predators since they began keeping an ever vigilant eye on their territory (as shown in the above photo). This they do instinctively.

We feel compelled to relate this recent story that took place in August 2001. About 3:30 a.m., our three dogs began barking at something in the front yard. This they do rather frequently, as neighboring dogs or coyotes will sometimes approach from the road. Thinking this was the problem, I nevertheless decided to check. As I approached our car which was located several hundred feet from the house, a drunk man popped from behind the car. He babbled incoherently while he approached me, two dogs kept between him and me, as the third dog stayed at my side. I returned to the house maintaining a defensive posture. For the next two hours, the dogs barked and I could tell where the man was by the location of the dogs. The farther away from the house the man was, the dogs began to return to the house one by one until all three returned and quit barking. I am proud of my dogs.

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Hook looking for fish in the pond.
Hook and Owner Susan on January 26, 2003

Customer comments and pictures:

I don't know if you remember me, but I bought one of your male Pyrs in June [2001] of this year. His name is Otis and he is THE BEST dog we have ever had. He is very sweet and gentle. I am interested in getting another one from you.

[Another puppy was acquired on Christmas Eve 2001. Two weeks later she writes:]

Puppy is doing GREAT! His name is Milo. Now we have Milo and Otis! Otis acts more like a puppy finally since we got Milo. It's funny and fun to watch them play outside together. Otis has never had an accident indoors and the puppy is following in his brother's footsteps. These are both wonderful dogs. Thank you so much! C.O., Champaign, Illinois

The following pictures are from P.J.A., Rolling Meadows, Illinois. (Jan 2002, May 2002, Jan 2003, Nov 2003 & Jan 2005)

Yes, she is what I had hoped for. Sera is such a gentle soul, and a wonderful companion for both me, and my 10 year old son . . . it's nice to know that there's someone to keep an eye on [him], when my wife and I aren't able to. As for me, she offers me solace, and listens politely while I chat with her, out on our 2 to 3 mile walks. Everywhere I go, people comment on what a beautiful dog she is. Just last week, a woman literally stopped her car in the middle of the street to ask about her, and to tell me how nice Sera looked. Of course, I'd swear Sera knows exactly what these people are saying, because she gets all any of us would, when getting complimented on our looks, I guess. As I said, she is very gentle and exhibits no signs of aggression, just the reserved attitude that you would expect from a Great Pyrenees.
Jan 28, 2003
Well, it's been over a year since I sent you a picture of Sera, so here are two that I took on Christmas day. Regarding the picture of her staring intently, I was holding the camera in one hand, and I had a cut-up hot dog in the other hand, so I'm sure you can guess where she was looking. The second picture was taken after a romp in the snow, Sera passed out on the couch. At times it's hard to believe that it's been 3 years now since I drove down to your farm and picked her up. She is just now coming into her own as an mature Pyrenees, though she still has plenty of "puppiness" left in her. A short story..... On the evening of Christmas, the snow began to fall here, and so I took Sera for a walk, as she loves to bury head in the snow. We were about two blocks from the house when a mini-van pulled slowly up to us, and then stopped, half in the street and half off to the curb - by now there was about two inches of snow on the ground. A women in the van rolled her window down, and said, "What a beautiful dog you have". I said thanks, and told her what kind of dog Sera was. Then she asked if she and her daughter could get out and pet Sera, and I said, "Sure". This type of occurance is pretty normal for us, and Sera sat there patiently and allowed the little girl to feel her full winter coat. They got back in their van and drove off, and Sera and I continued on our walk, enjoying the falling snow.
[January 2005]

Well he has arrived!!!!!!!!!! Last night about 10:30 or so!! I can't tell you how happy I was to wrap my arms around him! He was a little shy when he first met me but I sat with him for about 3 hours last night before we both drifted off to sleep! This morning when I woke up, he picked his head up and started wagging his tail! He is so beautiful!!!!! In body and spirit! Seeing that I stay at this house alone, its real nice to have him here with me! He met my female pyrenees and they did rather well! I am so glad to have him here with me! Thank-you so much for knowing which puppy I needed! [A day later she writes] Dante' has givin me just in a few days, smiles while I have my coffee and reason to laugh! He doesn't leave my side! He barks when he needs to go out and snuggles when its time for bed! Honestly how much more could we ask for! L.D. Fitzwilliam, NH [Jan 2002]

Hi Susan, Just wanted you to know that Dr. Hans E. Love - LGD is doing great and is a big boy now. Here's a pic of him doing his Pyr thing - which he's very good at! He still has some puppy look to him but he's around a 100 lbs now. He's often to busy working to stop and eat! :-)

Dougherty Creek Alpacas

Dear Susan, first of all I will apologize for a silence,- shame on me. There is so much to say about raising a Pyr, and it is a such a joy to have Patou with us. He turned to be a very and very beautiful dog. Hes yes are more expressive and pure that any human yes, with exception for children, and he is Gentle Giant indeed.- an xxxlarge puppy. I am thankful for your more then prefect match - he is philosopher like type of dog,quite an observer and thinker. We are passed all basic commands,including ''slow down'', ""drop",etc. He is a very good on leash,but better without. In AKC he is Patou The Fourth, and we have all shots, so he is all good. Well, thank you very very very much for a wonderful and loyal friend such as Patou. Here is some pictures, that I took a few weeks ago,- you might like it. Good luck to you and your family with everything,

sincerely, Alexei. (November 2005)